5 Dos and Don’ts for Your Bathroom Remodel

No matter how big or small the job, a bathroom renovation can be a costly endeavor; one that requires both time and money to complete. For many people, this reno time is riddled with stress and mess, and unexpected problems that arise simply make little inconveniences seem worldwide catastrophes. Fortunately for you, if you’re thinking of tackling a bathroom update project, our Metro-Detroit bathroom experts have a few Dos and Don’ts that they’ve learned over the years that may help your renovation take place without any major hiccups.

Young Plumber Fixing A Sink In Bathroom

1. Do set a budget. Even if you have unlimited resources, it’s good to have a financial plan in place to help guide you on your purchasing journey. This will help you narrow down your options for each aspect of your bathroom renovation, saving you significant time during the decision making process. Having a budget will also help you to make realistic plans that you’ll be satisfied with in the end.
2. Don’t be afraid to make necessary changes within your budget as you go. As you set your budget, you’ll probably set aside specific allowances for each aspect of your bathroom. However, you may run into setbacks if items can’t be ordered or styles become discontinued by the manufacturer. By saving money on your flooring option, you may find the added money you need for that dream tub you’ve been wavering on.

3. Do make a design plan for your bathroom. As with most things, it’s wise to have a plan up front to guide your renovation process. If you hire a professional bathroom remodeling company to perform the work, they’ll make sure this happens. If you’re planning a DIY project, don’t leave this step out. From the sink to the shower tile, and every drawer pull in between, be sure to follow your checklist of work so nothing is left out.

4. Don’t keep changing your mind after you get started. This can be tempting as you second-guess your original decisions. Once you’ve ordered your materials, constant changes can add time and money to your bathroom renovation project.

5. Do include the features you want. You’ve probably worked hard to get the money you need for this renovation project. Don’t compromise on those items that you want just to try and save a few dollars. You’ve put up with tired and outdated bathrooms too long. This is your opportunity to finally create a space that you can feel relaxed and peaceful in day after day. Enjoy it!

6. Don’t overcrowd your bathroom. Just remember that your bathroom only have so much usable square footage in it. Plan your bathroom’s design carefully so that you’re using the space up to its greatest potential without making the room feel cluttered and tight. There are creative ways to include important elements to your bathroom (such as additional storage) without jamming the space with too much furniture. An expert can help you with this.

7. Do make sure you have proper lighting. The importance of lighting is usually overlooked or an afterthought altogether during bathroom renovation planning. Sit down with a lighting expert to determine which kinds of task, ambient or accent lighting would work best in the room.

8. Don’t install the wrong kind of lighting. Believe it or not, not all lighting is good lighting. Because different types of lighting serve different types of purposes, if you’re not careful, you could select lighting choices that simply won’t cut it in your updated bathroom. Once again, a lighting expert can help you avoid a potential design catastrophe with one simple meeting.

9. Do ventilate adequately. The bathroom fan is oh-so-important, yet typically forgotten about. A fan that isn’t installed correctly, working correctly, or too small can actually lead to mildew and mold to building up in the moist bathroom environment.
10. Don’t assume your old fan is good enough. Just because you have a ceiling vent in your bathroom already doesn’t mean that you should ignore that feature during a remodel. Many old fans have loud motors, and some aren’t even hooked up to the exhaust ducts at all. If you bathroom walls and fixtures are still wet after you take a shower, chances are there’s a problem with your fan. This needs to be taken care of right away.

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