5 Great Reasons For a Summertime Kitchen Remodel

A complete kitchen remodel is a huge undertaking. It requires time, money, planning, and plenty of patience. A complete kitchen renovation is definitely for the faint of heart. And although the final result is worth it in the end, the process getting there can be too much for some to handle.

Outdoor Summer Kitchen With Barbecue And Sink

The time of year that a renovation takes place can be one of the major contributing factors that causes those headaches, frustrations, and inconveniences. Many contractors will suggest scheduling your kitchen renovation for the spring or fall, as these are the most popular seasons to complete this type of work. The summer months are prime for larger building renovation jobs.

But, if you’re in the process of planning a total kitchen overhaul, this summer may actually be the perfect time to turn those renovation plans into a reality. If you’re not sure whether you want to spend your summer months dealing with contractors, dust, and noise, here are five convincing reasons to help you make that decision an easy one.

5 Great Reasons For a Summertime Kitchen Remodel

  1. Convenience- You’re not going to find a more convenient time to remodel your kitchen than the summer. Warmer weather means outdoor picnics and grilling on the barbeque. You won’t need as much access to your kitchen compared to the need during the colder winter months. Kids can play outside and stay out of the way of contractors, tools, and other installation equipment.
  2. Ventilation- A complete kitchen renovation is not a neat and tidy process. Contractors work to keep the mess contain, but still there will still be plenty of dust, debris, and harsh smells to contend with. The warmer summer months mean that windows and doors can be left open. This will allow for better airflow to help epoxies and sealants dry more quickly, and reduce dust build-up.
  3. More workable daylight hours, fewer work days- Even though there are always only 24 hours in one day, the summer months do mean that more workable daylight hours are available each day.
  4. Few Major Holidays to compete with- Aside from the 4th of July, there really aren’t any major holidays to have to work around. Kitchen renovations taking place in the fall must be coordinated around Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas planning. Spring renovations must account for Easter, Mother’s Day, and a host of other holidays that are infamous for family gatherings and home cooked meals. If you don’t want your kitchen renovation to be rushed, risking careless mistakes along the way, and if you want to avoid a constant start-stop project, the summer is the perfect time to consider.
  5. The benefit of natural lighting- You may not have thought about it, but lighting can greatly affect the aesthetic look of your cabinets, walls, and color schemes. Many kitchen design companies and contractors are willing to bring samples out to your home, especially during the summer months, so that you can experience on-site what your new cabinets and countertops might look like in the natural light from outdoors. A showroom filled with artificial lighting doesn’t always provide the most accurate view of your future cabinets.

Still not sure if this summer is the right time to tackle your kitchen renovation project?  Kurtis Kitchen and Bath Centers is staffed with highly skilled industry specialists who can help you design your ideal kitchen with ease and efficiency. Simply contact one of our five conveniently located showrooms located throughout Southeast Michigan to discover the possibilities that await and when the perfect time is for your s


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