5 Must-Haves For Your Bathroom Remodel

A home renovation project can be exhausting. There are so many decisions to make and factors to consider. As you think about what’s going to go into your bathroom renovation project, your mind is probably flooded with many questions and concerns about what you need to include in the finished product.

Modern industrial design bathroom with nice light ambience

To help you put your minds at ease, here are a few suggestions of must-haves to include that can help you turn your tired bathroom into the dream space you’ve always wanted.

  • High-end tile– Every updated bathroom needs to feature beautiful, high-quality tile. This addition adds a degree of elegance and sophistication that you just won’t find from other bathroom materials. Many tile options are highly durable and withstand the stresses of water, soaps, and harsh chemicals. Plus, with the right design and layout, the addition of tile on your floors, showers, or walls can bring the aesthetic appeal that you’ve been dreaming of.
  • Entertainment-ready capabilities- These days, we carry technology with us everywhere. We like to be entertained and we enjoy convenience. This includes the bathroom. When you upgrade your bathroom, don’t forget to make the space entertainment-ready, too. Install overhead speakers to enjoy your favorite playlists.  Why not look for the perfect place to install a TV or monitor so you can watch your favorite show during a long bath? You deserve to enjoy your bathroom in every way imaginable, so don’t forget to incorporate a little technology into your finished project.
  • Proper lighting– Lighting is always a must. Never, ever compromise on the lighting during a renovation. The right lighting will help you clearly see for all of those close-up tasks you do everyday; that way you’ll look your best every time you leave your home. There are right and wrong ways to install lighting in a bathroom, and most home improvement stores won’t give you the facts. They’ll try to sell you any old lighting fixture to install above your mirror and rob you in the process. Talk to a lighting expert from a bathroom design company to decide the best ambient, accent, task, and decorative lighting solutions for your bathroom.
  • Creative Storage Solutions- One of the many reasons that bathrooms need updated is due to a lack of storage. Old, bulky vanities, tight bathroom spaces, and poor layouts cause too much valuable space to be wasted. This is the perfect opportunity to incorporate creative storage solutions that utilize every inch of your bathroom while still looking beautiful and cohesive with the overall look and feel of the space.
  • Luxury Shower/Bath- If now is the time to complete a total bathroom makeover, be sure to splurge on that dream shower or bathtub that you’ve always wanted. Find a way to incorporate a soaker tub in the space, or a two person, walk-in shower with dual rainfall showerheads. For most people, a bathroom gets renovated only once over the length of home ownership. Why not get the most out of this renovation by getting exactly what you want? Bring a little luxury and style into your home via your bathroom renovation.

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