5 Must-Haves To Create a Chef’s Kitchen at Home

Appliance Quality, NOT Quantity. It’s tempting to think that in order to be the next Iron Chef in the state of Michigan, you’ll need to have a kitchen full of every appliance available. Professional grade, multi-burner gas ranges; wine coolers; large refrigerators; rotisseries; the list goes on and on. Those things might look pretty, but if you don’t have the space, or the need, for some of them, your kitchen will never be used to its fullest potential. When designing your new kitchen, talk to the design pros about what you actually plan to use your kitchen for and what items can best be incorporated into the space available. Then, take the time to invest in high quality appliances that will work for your needs. But cutting out the unnecessary stuff, you’ll have more money left over in your budget to pour into the rest of the design.

Durable Countertops. Every gourmet chef needs to have durable countertops that will hold up after years of food prep and clean up. Butcher block, granite, or quartz counters will hold up over the years and still look beautiful with little maintenance.

Creative and Useful Organization. If you can’t stand walking into your kitchen because you can never find what you’re looking for, you’ll never want to spend hours cooking and baking in it. Carefully design the layout of your kitchen with a kitchen design expert to provide you with adequate cabinet storage and placement throughout the space. If you have high hopes of being the next great chef someday, you’ll need to put in the time and effort to get there. One major key to learning to enjoy cooking more is to work in a space that makes cooking fun and easy.

A Large Sink. Having a sink that is large enough to hold all of your messy pots and pans as you prepare food is essential in a gourmet chef’s kitchen. You’ll need to keep your counters clean and clear as you work, and the sink serves as the obvious catch-all. There are a variety of sink options available, so your kitchen won’t need to look industrial or like the back of a restaurant. But usually, a great chef’s sink is wide, under-mounted, and often one single basin instead of two.

A Magnetic Knife Strip. You might think that your standard knife block is fine, but if you have dreams of turning your Betty Crocker cookbook skills into something far greater, you’ll need a high quality set of knives. These knives may cost you several hundred dollars. You’ll want to keep them sharp at all times, and a knife block will only dull them. Instead, try incorporating a magnetic knife strip on your kitchen wall in a practical, yet safe place.  Your kitchen design expert can help you determine the best location. This strip will keep your knives accessible when you need them without dulling the blade while in storage.

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