5 Questions to Discover Your Ideal Kitchen Style

Wandering through the aisles of a home improvement store or kitchen remodel showroom can be extremely confusing if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Dozens of cabinetry options with countless material, style and color combinations, an abundance of flooring choices, and enough stone and tile options to make your head spin can make the job of designing your new kitchen seem impossible. How do you know what the best choices are for your kitchen? You want your new kitchen space to look spectacular, but do you really need every upgrade featured in that model kitchen? What particular style or feel should it have? What types of appliances should you purchase? Really, everything boils down to one question, “What should my ideal kitchen’s personality be?”

Woman With Thought Bubbles Of A New Kitchen Design

Before you start ordering materials and hiring contractors to turn your kitchen renovation project into the next version of Fixer Upper, here’s a short quiz to help you decide what sort of personality your new kitchen should have.

1. How many cooks will use your kitchen?

A. 2 or more including your partner, kids, and guests

B. Only one person

C. No one at all


How serious are you about cooking?

A. Serious. You dream of being the next Iron Chef

B. Casual. As long as you’ve got a recipe, you don’t mind it.

C. Hate it. Your idea of cooking is a take-out menu and speed dial. 


How else do you use your kitchen?

A. The kitchen is the central hub for all your entertaining

B. Your kitchen is really a multi-purpose room for the entire family to use for everything under the sun.

C. We barely walk through the kitchen except to reach the fridge. 


What one luxury item do you have to have in your kitchen?

A. A deluxe 6-burner range with double oven

B. Heck, why not double up with a plasma TV and a built-in desk

C. A touch screen video phone system with Bluetooth capabilities (this will make calling for take-out much easier) 


How do you feel about kitchen cleanup?

A. It’s a relaxing way to wind down a busy day

B. The faster the better. We’ve got places to be after dinner.

C. We’ve invested in disposable dishes so clean-up is a bare minimum


Deciphering Your Quiz

 Now that you’ve finished this very scientific quiz, you’re ready to start planning your new kitchen’s design. How you’ve answered the questions above can help provide you with a practical guide to your kitchen’s design, layout, and function. Of course, it’s ultimately your choice on which appliances to purchase, countertops to choose, and flooring styles to install, but here are a few tips to keep in mind.


If you answered:

Mostly A’s- If you picked A three or more times, plan your budget as if you work for The Food Network. The kitchen is your domain and you need a space that reflects your creative personality, culinary expertise, and kitchen savvy. If possible, splurge on that chef’s oven, quartz countertop and plenty of cabinetry to proudly display your serving platters, dishes, and glassware. Be sure to have a lighting technician install optimum lighting for the space, since you’ll be spending significant periods of time in this room. Everything should remain beautiful, accessible, and functional.


Mostly B’s- If you picked B three or more times, it’s important to keep your kitchen upgrades practical and highly functional. Your kitchen is very important, but for more than just meal prep. Make sure to include tons of counter space, plenty of cabinetry for a variety of storage options, and easy-clean appliances; all perfect for people on the go. When the kitchen serves as a multi-purpose room, the key is to think organization for each design detail. This will help you avoid clutter after the renovation is complete and keep your kitchen highly useful for all of the day-to-day activities that happen there.


Mostly C’s– If you answered C at least three times above, the most important thing to remember is resale values. Since you probably don’t spend much time in the kitchen, you may be tempted to include what looks amazing without thinking about its usefulness or long-term value. Instead, budget your money on good quality classic, clean-lined cabinets, simple yet reputable appliances, and convenient design elements (such as cabinet organizers) that any homeowner would love. You’ll still get to enjoy your kitchen as needed, but this way, others will too if you decide to move away.


Once you’ve decided on an overall focus for your kitchen, the decision making process will be a snap. At Kurtis Kitchen and Bath Centers, our kitchen design pros have perfected the art transforming kitchens into the heart of any home. We can walk you step-by-step through the process and help you create a space that everyone will enjoy for years and years to come. Just call us today at 1-888-KURTIS-1 today to get started.


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