5 Reasons to Renovate Your Bathroom This Year

Every year it’s the same thing. You sit down at the beginning of the year and you think about all of the things you’d like to do to improve your home over the months ahead. What can you afford? What can’t you afford? What desperately needs to be fixed, updated, or renovated the most? And, what can you put off until next year? It probably doesn’t require too much thinking to come up with lists for every one of those questions, and chances are, the bathroom is probably on one of those lists somewhere.

Tiling The Bathroom Tub Enclosure

Like so many other people, you may have a love/hate relationship with your bathroom.  It’s one of those rooms that you rely on constantly throughout the day, yet because of its function, it can be easy to take it for granted. As long as the toilet works, and you have running water in the sink and shower that isn’t leaking, then any cosmetic changes can wait until later, right? WRONG!

Now is the time to finally get around to giving your bathroom the much needed update it’s been begging for. Here are five reasons why:

  1. Improve your health and safety: For too many people, the harsh reality that their bathroom could be killing them never comes to light until a renovation takes place. Old, leaky pipes are often hidden behind walls, underneath tubs, and below layers of flooring. Standing or leaking water can cause mold, mildew, and extreme water damage that could be putting your health and safety at risk. Too often, the warning signs aren’t seen until the problem is out of control. This could be your opportunity to catch a problem you never knew existed.
  2. Increase your home’s value: An updated bathroom is one of the few rooms that can have a significant impact on the resale value of your home. Simply by replacing outdated fixtures, old plumbing, and maximizing your functional storage and space, you can score big on your investment. There are many changes you can make that can add significant value to your home without breaking your bank account in the process.
  3. Maximize the space in your bathroom: You might hate your bathroom because there just isn’t enough space to store everything, or enough room to create a beautiful space you love to spend time in. But, a complete renovation could help you discover all of your bathroom’s hidden potential. With the right fixtures, design and layout, you may find that you once-blah bathroom is really the best part of your entire home. You won’t have to worry about inadequate storage, tight spaces, and out-of-place fixtures when your bathroom rehab project is finished.
  4. Relieve your stress and improve your happiness: It’s well known that the things we dislike the most are usually the things that cause us the most stress. Your bathroom may be one of those places, instead of the relaxing haven it’s meant to be. You should feel calm and soothed whenever you step into your bathroom. Is now the time to finally ease your tension after a long day with a relaxing bath in a deep tub or a long steam in your custom shower? This is the year to finally love your bathroom.
  5. A small budget shouldn’t stop you from making big changes: Don’t let the reality of a small budget stop you from making some much-needed changes to your bathroom. Bathroom design experts from a reputable home improvement company can help you find the perfect upgrades and renovation solutions to fit your budget and needs. You might be surprised at how a few strategically planned updates can produce huge results that improve your entire bathroom.

If 2016 is finally the year to give your bathroom the update it desperately needs, then don’t wait another day to get started. The bathroom design pros at Kurtis Kitchen and Bath are ready and waiting to help you with your next project, no matter how big or small. Just call 1-888-KURTIS-1 or stop by one of our five metro-Detroit locations to learn more.