5 Signs Your Bathroom Needs an Update

Now is the time to finally remodel your bathroom. You’ve been thinking about tackling the project for some time. You’ve probably wandered the aisles of a home improvement store grabbing paint swatches, eyeing your “ideal” soaker tub, and selecting the perfect sink basin. Floor to ceiling, you’ve designed your dream bathroom in your mind. But then reality strikes. Do you have enough money? Do you have the time to tackle a huge renovation project like this? Do you want to be burdened with the temporary inconvenience? There are thousands of questions that do nothing except keep your dream bathroom just that, a well-planned desire that stays just out of reach.

Cozy Bathroom In Luxury House

For as many reasons that are to say, “No” to a bathroom renovation, there are countless others screaming, “YES!” There are always aesthetic reasons to fall back on such as: You don’t like the color anymore, or, You love how your neighbors just updated their bathroom. Regardless of the emotional reasons for justifying a complete overhaul of your bathroom, here is a list of five practical reasons to update your bathroom right now.

1. You bathroom feels too cramped. Whether you’re taking a shower or brushing your teeth, you need to feel like you have room to move around in your bathroom. Many homes feature a small, standard 8’x5’ bathroom. This size doesn’t allow for a wide variety of design or layout options. If you’re outgrowing your current bathroom, it’s time to consider updating your current space with features that optimize storage and function. Think, taller toilets, showers instead of bulky bathtubs, and pedestal sinks in lieu of large vanities. Now’s the time to get the most value out of your bathroom space.

2. Broken tiles are everywhere. Are you currently placing bets on which tiles will fall off the wall, and which ones will be the last ones standing? Are your DIY attempts at tile repair just not cutting it anymore? This could be the sign that it’s time to finally renovate your bathroom. Broken tiles can be unsightly and extremely dangerous. Who wants broken tiles in an ugly bathroom to be the reason for needing stitches on the bottom of their foot?

3. Needed repairs are obvious. How many holes are already in your wall from repeated failed attempts to hang a towel rod or toilet paper dispenser? Are the seams in the drywall cracking or beginning to show through due to improper installation? Is the wood on your vanity cracking and chipping? If you look around and can spot obvious repairs at just a glance, then it’s time to finally renovate your bathroom. Unresolved problems can lead to other issues such as water damage, shifting tiles, decreased energy efficiency, or health concerns caused by dust, mold or mildew.

4. Your bathroom needs safety improvements. Whether you realize it or not, the bathroom can be a dangerous place. If you’re aging or live with limited mobility, moving around in the bathroom can be challenging and risky. Walking on slippery floors, getting in and out of bathtubs, and standing and sitting are no longer simple acts easily accomplished. Don’t risk your health and safety any longer. Look for an contractor or company licensed and certified to handle Aging-In-Place and other safety renovations to ensure the work is done right.

5. Your bathroom looks like it emerged from the 60’s. There is a big difference between no liking the paint color on your walls and feeling like your bathroom time traveled into 2016 from 1962. If you’ve had it with those pale pink or power blue tiles, the old and yellowed light fixtures, and gold-plated paisley hardware, then it’s time to finally bring your bathroom up-to-date with the times. An outdated bathroom could actually be hiding many unseen problems that need to be addressed, such as plumbing concerns, wood rot inside your walls, or hidden mold behind your bathtub. Just look at your bathroom update as a much needed tune-up to ensure everything is great and working it’s best.

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