Building the Ideal Kitchen for Your Michigan Home

luxury kitchen with new cabinets and slate floor

Creating the ideal kitchen for your home is a rewarding project. Not only does it add value to your property, it is an excellent way of ensuring that the most used room in your home is maximizing energy, and adequately serving as an appropriate entertaining space when desired. A high quality culinary space, not only sets the stage for good design throughout the rest of the home, it also creates an aesthetically beautiful, functional area, that you’ll truly enjoy spending time in. Michigan homeowners have the opportunity to revel in the superior quality of such innovative design concepts, and their benefits, when creating a custom, have-it-all space.

6 Benefits of a Well Designed Kitchen
Key features in any great room, include quality cabinetry, flooring, counter tops, and modern appliances. Such aspects however, are more than visually appealing, they are without a doubt, valuable as well. The top 6 benefits of a well designed galley give the space the ability to:

1. Accommodate multiple guests
2. Maximize functionality
3. Successfully anchor the rest of the home
4. Facilitate ample storage
5. Provide optimal traffic flow; and
6. Communicate warmth and welcome

As a natural gathering place in any home, building an ideal space that allows multiple guests, will encourage face-time, and also perform efficiently when it comes to meal preparation. Incorporating quality upgrades will give the space a great appearance, but also prove to be long-lasting, and provide homeowners with an excellent return on their investment. Quality design comes down to materials, and appliances, in much the same manner that layout and style speak to those spending time in the space.

2015 Layout and Style Considerations
While style is created through personal taste, room layout needs to begin with an efficient floor plan. As the heart of a home, considerations must include:

  • The work triangle
  • Great lighting and energy saving appliances
  • Sufficient counter top space
  • Pantry and appliance storage; and
  • Welcoming gathering area

Layout design gives homeowners practical range for moving between the stove, sink, and refrigerator while also including family members, and guests throughout routine meal preparation. Further, generous counter space and superior lighting will allow homeowners the ability to move fluidly throughout the area to access everything needed for a great meal. Workstations that are task-specific are popular, so that the room maintains organization and facilitates effortless clean-up. As a primary gathering area, this room is an excellent opportunity to convey homeowner style. Either handsome, and dark, or flowing with natural light, ambiance goes a long way in establishing dimension, and charm.

In Michigan, good culinary space design goes beyond cuisine. It also incorporates the region’s accommodating, independent, residential culture. In other words, a great eat-in gives property owners the ability to combine robust tradition with high-tech upgrades in order to arrive at a custom space built around good taste. Multi-functional, yet distinguishable, creating a great kitchen will provide immeasurable benefit, and worth.

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