Cabinet Ideas to Improve Your Kitchen

Kitchen with island and oak wood cabinetry

Installing new cabinets is an ideal way to refresh the appearance of a kitchen. Homeowners who make the decision to get new kitchen cabinets have a lot appealing options. Take a look at a few kitchen cabinet ideas that can make your kitchen the most popular room in the house.

Traditional with a Stylish Twist

Hickory kitchen cabinets are a beloved favorite for many homeowners. Cabinets in a light shade of hickory lend warmth to the space. But, instead of putting in simple black knobs, you may want to consider choosing long handles made of black walnut. These handles add some modern flair to this traditional kitchen cabinet design. Also, the dark wooden handles look appealing against a light shade of hickory.

A Dramatic Look

There are several kitchen cabinet ideas for homeowners who want a more dramatic look. Black kitchen cabinets make an impression especially if they are paired with white countertops and modern appliances. White or light colored flooring also adds to the stylish picture. Plus, a homeowner can choose handles that contribute to the striking décor. Some suggestions include:

  • Polished brass handles
  • Satin nickel handles
  • Bronze handles
  • Glass knobs

Sleek and Modern

Some homeowners appreciate the sleek look of stainless steel cabinets. But, instead of having solid stainless steel, a homeowner can choose cabinets with a frosted glass front. The frosted glass adds visual appeal to the stainless steel design. These cabinets pair well with stainless steel countertops and appliances. Many homeowners in Royal Oak MI call on professional kitchen remodelers to install stainless steel kitchen cabinets so they can transform the look of their kitchen. There are some other benefits that a homeowner enjoys with these cabinets.

  • They are stylish and easy to clean.
  • They reflect sunlight that enters the kitchen through windows or a skylight.
  • The stainless steel lends a modern look to the décor.
  • The cabinets open and close quietly.

Adding Light to a Kitchen

A set of white or off-white cabinets can be appealing to homeowners who enjoy a well-lit, modern kitchen. Also, white cabinets can make an intimate kitchen appear to have larger dimensions. This color reflects the light from a skylight or a nearby window. Homeowners who opt for white cabinets have a number of choices when it comes to handles that enhance the look of the wood. Gold, silver and bronze knobs or handles are all stylish choices. Some homeowners who love a simple, elegant decor choose cabinets that open without any handle or knob.

Finally, the reliable kitchen remodelers in Royal Oak MI have the experience and know-how to install kitchen cabinets of many designs. They are happy to offer suggestions to homeowners who’d like some help making a final decision when it comes to the look of their kitchen. The ultimate goal is for a homeowner to end up with a kitchen that’s an appealing place to gather with family and friends.

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