Choosing Between a Tub and a Standing Shower for Your Bathroom Remodel

Whether you’re remodeling the master bathroom upstairs or the guest bathroom in the basement, you have an array of decisions to make. For example, you must decide if you want a bathtub or a standing shower. While both have their merits, taking some factors into consideration can help you to determine the right move for your home.


child playing in the bathtubIf you think back to when you were a young child, you probably remembering harboring some fear of showers. Most young children use a bathtub, so they develop a level of comfort with it. When you are planning to bathe your kids in the remodeled bathroom, installing a tub is a wise decision. Even if you do not have children now, consider how your family situation could change in the future, and allow your bathroom remodeling project to address those needs.


In the event that people in your household have disabilities, you must consider whether a bathtub or a shower is more practical and easier for them. For some, stepping over the lip of the bathtub is impossible. For others, standing for the duration of a shower poses a danger. When you are picking out the features for the bathroom, keep in mind that you can have them customized to meet the needs of people with disabilities.


Unless you are planning to expand the bathroom, you must select the structure that works best with the current space. Do not think that you are relegated only to a shower if you have a small bathroom; however, remain reasonable with your expectations. If the bathtub would have to be very small to fit in the space, consider whether it is actually usable.


tub and shower in bathroomTaking the space into consideration when you’re tackling bathroom remodeling is important, but you also must think about the layout of the bathroom. Even a large bathroom can have an awkward layout for a bathroom. For example, you may have a prodigious bathroom that has space for an additional structure only in the corner. A standing shower may prove more suitable.

Current Bathrooms

You should also take into account the setup of the other bathrooms in your house. Chances are that everyone in your house will not need to take a bath at the same time. Therefore, if you already have two bathrooms with full bathtub, consider adding one in that has a shower. Also, if you already have a bathtub on each floor of the house, think about shower for additional ones. On the other hand, installing a tub is smart if you currently don’t have one at all.

Resale Value

Checking out the price that homes are selling for in Warren MI is a smart decision. Even if you aren’t planning to sell your house in the near future, knowing it’s approximate worth is not a bad idea. You may see that one structure or the other is more desirable in your neighborhood.

Taking these factors into account can help you decide how you want to tackle your bathroom remodeling project in Warren MI.