Choosing Between Contemporary and Old-World Styles for Your Kitchen Remodel


Elegant KitchenWhen people decide to renovate their homes, they often choose to redo their kitchens. You have made this decision, and you’re considering the different styles. Kitchen remodeling opens the door to a variety of possibilities, including contemporary and old-world styles. With both styles offering such aesthetically-appealing options, you’re probably torn as to what direction to go in.

The Rest of Your House

Kitchen remodeling projects do not have to match with the rest of your house, but many people prefer cohesion in their homes. Assess whether the rest of your house is more contemporary or more old-world. If you want the styles to match, then you either need to pick the one that fits with the rest of the house or change the rest of your house. On the other hand, you might want to take a different approach. Modeling the kitchen in a different style can give it a unique appeal. When people come to your house, they may immediately walk toward the kitchen because of the decor.

The Cost

When you’re researching a kitchen remodel in Royal Oak MI, you have to consider the cost. Working with a kitchen development team exposes you to the different options. At the beginning of these conversations, let the experts know what your budget is. Then, you can find out if the contemporary or old-world style is more appropriate for the amount of money you have to spend. In fact, you may decide that bringing in elements of both styles allows you to get a look that you want without spending an excessive amount of money.

Your Future Plans

expensive kitchen remodel with open conceptDesigning a kitchen for your permanent home is different from crafting one in a house that you soon intend to put on the market. Many people choose to renovate their kitchens because they sell their houses, and if you are in that position, you must take a look at the market. A good plan is to see what houses have recently sold in the neighborhood and how long they were on the market before the buyers purchased them. Doing so allows you to see whether contemporary or old-world styles are selling. Knowing which style buyers currently want helps you to make a more informed decision.

Return on Investment

When you’re planning to sell, you don’t need to look only at which houses are selling on the market. You also have to try to figure out how much value the kitchen actually added to them. If, for example, you plan to spend $30,000 to install an old-world style kitchen, you want to make sure that you are likely to profit. If old-world style kitchens in the area are only adding $25,000 onto the home’s listed price, then you should reevaluate your decision.

The decision to install a new kitchen is exciting whether you’re planning to sit there with your family or to tell the house and make some money. In either case, ensure that you are paying attention to the select that you select in Royal Oak MI.