Choosing Between Remodeling One or All of Your Bathrooms

Should You Remodel One or All Bathrooms

Everyone knows that a bathroom remodel is one of the best ways to modernize your home. But what to do if you have more than one bathroom? Should you remodel just one? Or should you remodel more than one? The answers to those questions might surprise you.

luxury bathroom interior

Considering Bathroom Remodeling

Bathrooms are high traffic areas that need to be updated every 20 years or so. The walls, floors and fixtures are constantly exposed to wetness and grime. Mold and mildew can easily take root over time. Keeping the bathroom in good shape is a must for a healthy and safe home.

The Single Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling just a single bathroom is the best option for many people. Many people in Livonia MI have homes that feature one whole bathroom and a smaller half bathroom. Generally these homes have the larger bathroom for the use of the family only. The smaller restroom is for quick pit stops and visitor use. These homes benefit from a single bathroom remodel.

These homeowners can choose to splurge on creating the perfect master or family bathroom. Use of high quality granite back splashes and stainless steel fixtures can create a feeling of luxury. Many people also take this opportunity to invest in creating a luxury shower experience. Large showers fitted with steam generators, massaging water streams and rain shower heads have largely replaced baths in many homes.

A master bathroom is a great place to install luxury bathroom items.

1. Hide the toilet behind a half wall for more privacy.
2. Install a backless shower for an airy freedom.
3. High quality luxury appointments such as granite or marble.
4. Heated floors for those cold nights.

Remodeling More Than One Bathroom

Many homes in Livonia MI feature a master bathroom and several other bathrooms in the house. For homeowners it might be easier to simply update each bathroom at the same time. A homeowner may want their bathrooms to share a certain look or color scheme. Or the home may simply need an update to best serve the family’s lifestyle. This approach has a number of positives.

Everyone likes a house that has modern fixtures. Refitting all of the bathrooms means that no one will have to use the old crappy restroom with the leaky facets. Modern fixtures are also more energy and water efficient. A home full of children can quickly run through a lot of resources if they are using older fixtures. Newer ones in every bathroom can pay for themselves.

Other Reasons to Remodel

1. Remove a bathtub from one bathroom and install a shower for quicker stays.
2. Create a visitor friendly half bathroom near the lively rooms in the house.
3. Make your decor match in every room. Save time when setting out the towels.
4. Create more personalized bathrooms for family members.

Bathroom remodeling is one of the best ways in Livonia MI to increase the appeal and comfort of a house. Whether or not you choose to remodel just one bathroom or every bathroom in the house is a decision that should be made after careful thought.

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