Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinet Door Style For Your Remodel



Decisions, decisions, decisions. There are so many decisions to make when planning a kitchen remodel. What kind of tile? What color cabinets? Hardwoods or laminates? Quartz countertops cost how much?! Sometimes, it’s the simplest choices that can end of being the source of the greatest contention. Choosing a kitchen cabinet door style (or styles) is no exception.

To help make that decision a little easier, here’re the basics about six of the primary kitchen cabinet door styles on the market. Narrowing down your top contenders is a great way to save you time and reduce stress during the planning stage of your kitchen renovation.

The 6 Most Common Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

As one of the most common kitchen cabinet door styles around, this may be the style you think of first when it comes to kitchen cabinetry. Perfect for nearly any kitchen, Mission-style cabinet doors feature clean lines and offer an easily adaptable look that is ideal for most kitchens. The framed, flat center panels, which are inset in the door, can be easily replaced with glass to add extra beauty and appeal. Most notably constructed from oak, the beauty of Mission-style cabinets is found in the natural grain and coloration of the wood. Your mission-style cabinets will always look great in your kitchen, no matter what other room changes you make over time.

Kitchen CabinetsRaised Panel
Unlike the Mission and Shaker-style (which you’ll read about further down), the Raised-Panel cabinet doors raise the middle panel up, adding dimension to your cabinetry. The carved edges surrounding the raised center panel will provide extra visual detail and depth as well, perfect for any traditional kitchen look. Today, Raised Panel cabinet doors are a safe, neutral choice that will always look great. But, long before they ever looked great, raised panel doors were a sign of wealth and status, since they were more expensive to make back in colonial times.

Does your home exude ooze more “country charm” instead of modern sophistication? If so, consider Beadboard cabinet doors for your kitchen. The classic beadboard paneling so commonly used in other portions of your home can become a focal point in your kitchen as well. Don’t worry about the beadboard looking like cheap wall paneling, though. If you choose the right high quality cabinets for your kitchen, you can be guaranteed that your doors will be durable, beautiful, and highly functional for years and years to come.

The look of these doors is so similar to the Raised Panel and Mission cabinet doors that, if you blink, you just might think they’re the same. Like the Mission-style cabinet doors, Shaker cabinets showcase the central flat panel, surrounded by a wide wood frame outlining the door. However, there are a few distinct differences between the styles. Shaker cabinets often have a softer look to their doors, while Mission-style cabinet doors emphasize strength and often feature additional vertical lines and slats. Wood choice is another defining difference between the styles. Shaker cabinets are most frequently made from woods such as maple, cherry, or walnut. The beauty of these cabinets is found in their durability, functionality, and simplicity.

archedArched Cathedral
Perhaps the most distinctive cabinet door style, arched cathedral cabinets are rightly named for the arched frame that outlines a central raised panel. The detail and arched beveling on this door adds beauty and elegance to this particular door. The Arched Cathedral cabinet doors are most commonly paired with Raised-Panel cabinets, with the Arched Cathedral doors displayed on the upper cabinets and the Raised-Panel doors featured on the lower ones.  

Slab/Solid Panel
Although these common cabinet doors may feature a variety of names, the design is always the same. The cabinet doors are constructed of a single piece of solid wood, without including a framed edge, beveled center panel, or other intricate designs. The solid panel cabinet door’s only variations are found in the color and hardware choices. Although this kitchen cabinet style is typically found in apartments and other transitional housing locales, with the right dressing up, solid panel cabinets can provide a sleek image that is ideal for ultra-contemporary kitchens.

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