Choosing the Right Style of Kitchen Cabinet to Match Your Needs

Though they’re not noticed as often as a kitchen island with a counter made of imported marble or a state-of-the-art stovetop, kitchen cabinets are the real workhorses of the kitchen. They are installed before anything else save the floor. It is the layout of the cabinets that determine how traffic flows in the kitchen and therefore how easy it is to cook and clean up after. Cabinets also determine the overall look of the kitchen itself.

Remodeled Kitchen Prep Area

Types of Kitchen Cabinetry: Frame or Frameless
There are two basic ways kitchen cabinetry is made: frameless or face frame. It’s important to decide on the type of cabinet construction because it determines the type of drawers, doors and other components. Cabinets with frames are more often found in traditional style kitchens, while frameless cabinets are most often found in contemporary, modern or European style kitchens. However, these aren’t hard and fast rules!

Custom Made Cabinets
Though wall cabinets come in stock sizes, they may not be deep enough to hold serving platters and other large items of dishware. If it is placed right against the ceiling, it might be too high for the cook to reach comfortably. Fortunately, cabinets can custom made, as they are at our kitchen and bath remodeling service in Royal Oak MI.

Drawers and Doors
After the type of cabinet is chosen, it’s time to choose the types of doors, drawers and hardware. Fortunately these come in a nearly endless variety. This variety can be seen especially in the types of doors that can be fitted into cabinets. As with kitchen cabinets, doors can be framed or frameless. A simple framed door can be made of horizontal rails and vertical stiles enclosing a panel. The panel can also be attached to the door or the door can come with multi-paned windows. Frames can be made of wood, plywood, metal, acrylic or other material.

Doors with glass panels add a flourish to a kitchen, and clear glass panels show off treasured dishware. Patterned or frosted glass gives the viewer a hint of what’s stored on the shelves, and ropes of interior LED lights can be added inexpensively for elegant brightness. Rows of cabinets can also be placed above standard-sized wall cabinets to both provide more storage and add more aesthetic pleasure.

Frameless doors can be made of one slab of material, be it engineered wood, plastic or metal. Homeowners should be wary of slabs made of solid wood, as they tend to warp. The door can also be made of veneered pieces glued together or the door can have molding applied to it.

Drawers need to be both very strong and pleasing to look at. They can also be custom-made and built to hold silverware, pots, pans, dishes and spices in ways that keep them tidy and accessible. It is in fact easier to retrieve dishes from a drawer than it is to take them from a wall or base cabinet.

For more information about the right type of cabinet for a new or remodeled kitchen, don’t hesitate to call our cotractors at our offices in Royal Oak MI.

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