Color of the Year: Depends on Who You Ask

The article below discusses the “new” color of the year for 2016. We see this a great deal – every publisher and supplier has their own opinion.

One opinion that is NOT disputed… prices in our industry are starting to increase. We have received three announcements this week about increases effective early in 2016. So if you are considering a project in 2016, ordering your materials before the first of the year will save you a good 6%-8%. Kurtis can place an order for materials now, but hold off on shipping until sometime in early 2016. This way clients can save the price-increase on their materials, but delay the start of their project until after the first of the year. Smart move if you are in the market!

– Kurtis Kitchen & Bath

Experts from major paint companies couldn’t agree on a color of the year for 2016, with some very different hues gaining recognition this past month.

At PPG, an off-green called "Paradise Found" earned the title. It "hints at nature while still touching on neutrality," mused Dee Schlotter, senior color marketing manager.

And at Olympic Paints, the color of the Year, "Blue Cloud," was described as "daring and adventurous." The company added that its hue reflects "a post-recession return to elegance."

Benjamin Moore’s selection for Color of the Year was simply "Simply White." Here’s how creative director Ellen O’Neill explained the selection: "The color white is transcendent, powerful, and polarizing – it is either taken for granted or obsessed over."

Congratulations to all the colors.