Considering Tile Flooring for Your Bathroom Remodel

The bathroom is one of the most essential rooms in your home, but when it comes to bathroom remodeling, most people are in a dilemma of what type of tiles to use. Consider a few things when choosing tiles for your bathroom floor.


Interior Of The Modern Bathroom 3D

Getting the right size

There are a plethora of sizes when it comes to bathroom floor tiling. To keep up with the most recent trends, you want to invest in large format tiles. Alternatively, you can settle for the broad selections of traditional sizes. To size tiles to your bathroom, capture a proportional look by fitting about three to four tiles in a row across the floor.

Wide array of colors

The choice of color has more to do with personal taste and preference. However there are a few basic rules:

• Darker colors seem to add warmth while lighter colors make a space appear larger
• Varying shades will blend and mask quite well
• Neutral colors provide room for changing your accessories
• Vibrant colors add some personality and character
While it’s easy to assume tiles are identical, each tile will have slight variations in shade and color to give a unique look of character and depth. Lay out a few pieces to understand the true design before installation begins.

Getting the right texture

It goes without saying that tiles with matte or textured finishes are less slippery than shiny or smooth ones. Consider this when choosing your bathroom tile flooring. You don’t want to compromise safety for looks, especially not in the bathroom. It’s advisable to literally touch and feel the tiles before they are installed.

Variety of tile types

By the time your remodeling project kicks off, you should have narrowed down the styles and types of bathroom tiles to buy. Consider ceramic, stone or porcelain tiles for the bathroom floors and glass for the walls. Glass tiles may cost more, but they add a polished look to your space. Ceramic tiles are easy to clean and install making them ideal for bathroom tile floors.


Determine how much you are willing to spend for the bathroom remodeling project. Investing in more luxurious, lasting floors is ideal if you are planning to stay in your Warren MI home for the long haul. Make sure you get value for your investment. There are plenty of tile companies in Warren MI, so with the right tips in mind, your bathroom remodeling project should be a breeze.
Porcelain tiles are also ideal for the bathroom as they are not absorbent. They feature a hard, dense surface. For a more sophisticated, yet natural look, consider stone tiles with organic patterns that give off a natural vibe. Rock and pebble tiles also offer a unique touch and texture to your bathroom.

Exercise caution around windows and doors

It’s critical to have a proper tile layout, especially around windows and doors. Every door and window has its challenge. Make sure you have a well-designed waterproofing system that considers the doors and windows. When remodeling, have tilted sills and leave room for expansion for the tiles to hold up well in the future.

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