Consumer Alert


Price Increase Due to Federal Import Tax
Buy Now and Save Up to 24%

The cabinet industry has been affected by the International Trade Commission (ITC) and Department of Commerce decision to raise duties on Imported Plywood to 70.34% and a continuing escalation of raw materials prices. We are seeing notices from most of the major manufacturers of sizeable increases, with implementation dates ranging from December 15th, 2013 through January of 2014 – depending on the manufacturer.

There is NO escaping these increases for potential cabinetry purchasers – so we are recommending that if you are considering a cabinet purchase in the near future, you should make your “materials” purchase prior to December 15th of this year to avoid the sizeable increases. Shipping and installation can often be put off until after the first of the year – but a delay in ordering your materials may end up costing you significantly more if you wait!