Dos and Don’ts For Your Kitchen Renovation

When it comes to a kitchen renovation project, the work isn’t usually as simple as selecting a cabinet style at a home improvement store and hiring a friend to lay your flooring. Too often, these “cost-effective” weekend projects turn into month-long ordeals that leave everybody feeling frustrated and tired of eating off of paper plates on the kitchen floor.


Hiring professional kitchen designers has its own benefits and hurdles to overcome as well. Finding an expert who understands your vision and can bring it to life can be challenging. But, if you take some time to prepare in advance and think carefully about your process from start to finish, the end result can be spectacular.

Here are five dos and don’ts to think about that can help to make your upcoming kitchen renovation a true success.

Don’t have a tunnel vision focus on your kitchen design. Your kitchen is more than just great cabinetry or the perfect flooring. Be sure to think about your kitchen as a multi-layered room with many important features.

Do be sure to sit down with a kitchen design expert. If you’re struggling to find a kitchen design concept, a pro can help you find the perfect solution that will tie your whole room together.

Don’t think about short-term fads. Installing bright or bold cabinets or funky flooring might seem amazing right now, but what will you think about it later on down the road? Styles change constantly; cabinets, wall coverings, and flooring aren’t typically changed so quickly.

Do think about potential lifestyle changes or needs and the overall architectural design of your home. You probably don’t want to have an industrial kitchen design if the rest of your home has a cottage design theme running throughout. If you have a specific style or theme you’d like to incorporate into your kitchen design, try using interchangeable features like cabinet hardware, curtains, or wall décor to let your personality shine through.

Don’t act as if you are the foreman calling all of the shots on your kitchen renovation project. Unless you are a general contractor, you may not fully understand all of the specific construction, ordering, and installation details surrounding your project. If you interfere too much with the work your installers are performing, this could cause delays and setbacks that bring added frustration for everybody involved.

Do trust the experts. It’s their job to make your kitchen look fabulous. It’s your job to enjoy it. If you’ve hired the right professionals for your project, then you should be able to trust them to accurately bring your vision to life. If your kitchen designer doesn’t seem to understand your vision, then that’s probably a sign that you should look for a different pro.

Don’t change your mind repeatedly after getting started. Constant changes are rough on your budget, cause time delays, and may create tension between you and your contractors or installers.

Do trust your original instincts and design plans. When you work together with a professional kitchen designer, you’ll create a look that will be beautiful and functional in the end. When you hire a certified kitchen design expert, you’ll verify all of the details of your project before any items are ever ordered. There shouldn’t be any need to second-guess your original plans unless absolutely necessary.

Don’t expect your kitchen renovation to look like an episode of an HGTV home improvement show. In general, these highly edited programs are not reality for most people. Your kitchen update may not require sledgehammers, blowtorches or wrecking balls in order to create a stunning transformation.

Do be realistic about your renovation. Your kitchen may actually have some strong bones and features that simply need cosmetic upgrades in order to look fresh and new again. You may dreams of a new structural kitchen layout, but your budget may not allow for it. So before you start knocking down walls and ripping out pipes, speak to an expert about your current kitchen’s potential, your maximum budget, and start designing from there. You’ll save yourself a lot of disappointment and frustration in the end if you do.

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