Effectively Adding Storage Space With Kitchen Cabinetry

From pots and pans to plates, bowls, silverware, glasses and more, there are many items that must be stored in a kitchen. Ideally, these items will be stored in a manner so that they are easy to access and so that the cabinetry is not cluttered and chaotic. It can save you time, energy and stress to have a well-designed kitchen storage system. If you are preparing to remodel your kitchen, you may be focused on picking out the right style and color of kitchen cabinetry in Royal Oak MI, but you also need to give thought to the storage capabilities of the kitchen features that you select.
Kitchen Cabinets

The Dimensions of the Cabinetry
If your current kitchen is lacking storage space, one way to add more storage space is to create a cabinetry design that utilizes extra space for the cabinets and drawers. This may include adding cabinetry that is a few inches taller and deeper, and this is particularly beneficial for the upper cabinets. Using deep drawers as well as shallow drawers for different purposes is another idea to consider. The amount of space that you need can be determined ahead of time, paying attention to the size of the largest and smallest features that you need to store in your space.

The Layout of the Kitchen
The best custom kitchen design is one that is designed specifically for your needs. This means that you will give everything that you need store in the kitchen a home. All cabinets, drawers and other features will have a specific purpose, and even shelving will be the right height for all of the items that you need to store in the space. Keep in mind that something as simple as adding an island or an outcropping for a bar-style dining area can give you ample extra cabinet space that you do not currently have.

Special Storage Features
While it is important to have enough space for all of your belongings, it is also important to have the right storage features inside the cabinets and drawers. This may include a lazy susan for your spices, a pullout feature for your pots and pans, a rack for your cookie or baking sheets, a divider for your silverware and more. These are among the most common features found in today’s cabinetry storage systems, but there are other options available based on your needs. Take time to analyze your current storage needs and to learn more about some of the innovative storage ideas to determine which ones you want to incorporate into your new kitchen.

Remodeling a kitchen gives you the incredible opportunity to transform your kitchen with amazing results. Your current kitchen may feel cramped and cluttered, and this is not a living experience that you want to continue. One idea is to schedule a consultation with a designer for kitchen cabinetry in Royal Oak MI, and you can begin exploring these and other creative ideas for adding more functional space to your newly remodeled kitchen.

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