Ensuring That Your Home Has Adequate Lighting

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For many people, their homes are their largest investment and most expensive asset. Many times, home owners pay a lot of attention to the outside of homes when presenting it to others. However, the inside of a home is just as important as the outside. Although things like paint color and what furniture goes where are important questions to ask, one of the most overlooked parts of designing the inside of a home is the lighting. Many homes simply do not have adequate lighting to accentuate the furnishings found on the inside. Lights are one of the most important staples of a home, and treating the lights in a home like an investment rather than an expense will help to add value to a home.

Types of Light Bulbs

The good news is that there are many different lights to choose from in Clarkston MI. There are basically three kinds of light bulbs, CFL, Halogen, and LED. These different kinds of light bulbs are send out different types of light. The newest light bulbs, LED, have a bright hue that the others due not have in addition to lasting longer as well. When picking out which light bulbs will go in the fixture do not look as much at the upfront price. An LED bulb may cost five times more than a halogen but can save money in the long run in energy costs and the life of the bulb is longer. In addition to the light bulb, the fixture also has to be looked at and picked out.


Light fixtures are one of the most important decisions when outfitting a home. A good set of light fixtures will be both appealing to the eye and provide adequate lighting. In large open rooms like the traditional living rooms, downward facing light fixtures are the way to go. When a light fixture has its bulb facing down, the light is more concentrated and home owners can essentially dictate what the light points at. If people are coming over and there is a particular area of a room that needs accentuation, these downward facing light fixtures will be perfect in the situation. Another great option on the outside of homes are called up lights. Up lights are essentially put on the bottom of houses and turned on at night. These up lights shine up on the house and look great at night, especially on certain colors of brick. There is a large selection of these products in Clarkston MI.

Final Thoughts

Overall, lights are one of the most essential elements to designing and hosting in a great home. The type of light bulb and light fixture a person chooses is dependent on their situation and their desired outcome. On the outside of homes, up lights are a great option to really shine a light on how beautiful the outside of a home is. At the end of the day, everyone’s needs will be different based on style and preference, but getting a second opinion from a kitchen and bath re model company is always a great option.

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