Expanding vs. Rearranging Your Bathroom During Your Next Remodel

Many people in Livonia MI renovate their bathrooms to get more space. When planning your next bathroom remodeling project, consider whether you want to expand the bathroom area for a larger room or rearrange available space to maximize the existing structure. Much will depend on your home’s layout and property lines. You will also want to consider factors like the following to optimize your remodeling options.
extravagant bathroom with fireplace, glass shower and whirlpool

Available area:

Decide whether you have room to add on to your bathroom. Can you extend any of the walls further out? Perhaps the bathroom is adjacent to an unused bedroom, an outdoor porch or patio, or a small closet or storage area. Taking out a wall would allow the two areas to be connected to create a larger bathroom.

On the other hand, a partial room divide between the bathroom’s grooming area and shower or tub could be removed to open up the bathroom without adding to the structure. An enclosed shower unit would take up less space. Much depends on how much more bathroom space you need, and what surrounding areas you can afford to covert.


If you need to complete remodeling in short order, for example, due to the imminent arrival of a baby or an aging relative coming to live you, the simpler approach would be to rearrange the existing bathroom space more efficiently and postpone construction enhancements until later. Since construction requires planning, blueprints, and permits before the work can be started, and plumbing as well as electric and heating will be involved, it may be best to temporarily delay larger-scale expansion plans.

Instead, you could replace a larger, older sink cabinet with a more streamlined model that is less obtrusive. Wall or closet shelving will enhance storage space. Changes like these can be done quickly if time is a valuable consideration.


When remodeling any part of the home, cost is always an important factor. Generally speaking, rearranging a bathroom would likely be less expensive than knocking out walls to expand the room when you add up the construction costs of bathroom remodeling in Livonia MI or elsewhere. Unless you are a builder and get the materials cheap, a bathroom renovation can be pricey. It all depends on how much work is involved and the type of fixtures you plan to install, as they come in all price ranges.

Although rearranging a bathroom can also rack up costs with cabinetry, tub and shower, and fixtures, you can typically spend less than you would on a rebuilding or expansion project.

Bathrooms play a key role in family life. Most of us spend a fair amount of time there each day, so you want the bathroom to be attractive, welcoming, and convenient. while it doesn’t pay to skimp too sharply when updating your bathroom, it is a good idea to write a plan and a budget that can be discussed with a builder or a materials wholesaler for a realistic idea of what can be accomplished within your means.

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