Expanding Your Bathroom’s Usable Square Footage Without an Addition

Does your bathroom feel cramped and smaller than it is? Adding square footage isn’t always an option if you don’t have the space for an addition or you want a lower-cost bathroom remodeling project. You can still give your bathroom a more open feel and expand your usable space without knocking down walls. Here are some ideas for increasing space in your Royal Oak MI bathroom.

Black And White BathroomSkip the Vanity Sink
Most small bathrooms in Royal Oak MI have standard vanity sinks. While this type of sink can give you good storage space and counter space, it also takes up a lot of your bathroom’s floor plan. Ditch your vanity and choose a pedestal sink or even a wall-mounted sink to save space. Both can be installed in a corner of the bathroom, but you will probably need to find a new storage solution.

Turn to Creative Storage Solutions
Builder-grade cabinets are made in standard sizes, which means they aren’t made for your bathroom and they certainly aren’t designed to maximize space. If you have a modest bathroom remodeling budget, you may want to consider built-in storage solutions like a recessed medicine cabinet or window shelves. You can also get very creative with custom-made bathroom cabinetry that takes advantage of the vertical space in your bathroom. Going vertical accomplishes two things: not only does it clear up floor space, it also leads the eyes upward to make the space feel larger.

Install an Open Vanity
Another way to clear up space is choosing an open vanity. This is one of the most creative small bathroom remodeling ideas because it opens up the space visually, gives you much-needed storage space, and clears up floor space. Open vanities look more like furniture than what you probably have now. Some have legs, while others are mounted to the wall and “float” a few feet above the floor. This gives you room underneath for a pair of slippers, a scale, or storage baskets. The vanity itself skips drawers and doors in exchange for open shelves to store towels and toiletries.

Replace the Tub with a Shower Enclosure
If you don’t mind sacrificing your bathtub and you want a spa-like feel, consider replacing your bathtub with a walk-in shower enclosure. A walk-in shower can take up less room than a bathtub while giving you a luxurious amenity with multiple shower heads or even built-in seating. An all-glass shower enclosure will also make the space feel larger.

Change the Layout
Sometimes it’s the layout of your bathroom that makes it seem small. Most builders do not make the most of a bathroom’s square footage, installing fixtures in the same manner in every home. A remodeling expert can help you plan out a better use of your space. For example, you can open up a narrow bathroom by installing the shower against the shorter wall. Toilets and sinks can be installed on the same wall to improve traffic and free up space. You may also wish to swap out a square shower enclosure that wastes space with one designed for a corner, which usually has a five-sided shape to free up floor space.

Don’t let your bathroom’s square footage limit your remodeling dreams. Even with limited square footage, you can design a beautiful and luxurious bathroom that feels much larger than it really is.