Five Optional Kitchen Accessories to Consider Before Your Next Remodel

Modern Accessories

Many designers in Livonia MI are now using old world finishes during kitchen renovation projects. The patterns are popular because they blend well with modern innovations. Counters that have marble surfaces with beveled details are trendy. The unique edges give the counters a vintage look.

A Luxury Kitchen with Granite IslandCommercial-Grade Accessories

If you want to remodel a kitchen for business purposes, several things must be considered. First, you must determine your business goals. Then, create a menu and figure out which equipment will be needed to prep specific dishes. To avoid problems down the road, you must:

  • Choose a range that has easy-to-use features.
  • Buy equipment that cooks food quickly while using less energy.

Eco-Friendly Lighting

Eco-friendly light bulbs should be placed throughout the home because they use less energy than traditional bulbs. Although LED bulbs are pricey, they can help you save around $125 annually. If you prefer a more affordable options, a CFL bulb should be considered since it only costs $1.25. However, CFL bulbs are not as efficient as LED bulbs. Also, most CFL bulbs don’t have a dimming feature.

During a kitchen remodeling project, certain light fixtures must be installed in specific locations. Near the cabinets, use recessed lights or ceiling fixtures. Over the island, install several lamps that have dimming features.

New Faucet

If your current kitchen faucet is old and dull, consider replacing it with a newer, more innovative fixture. While shopping, you must consider the number of holes that are required during the installation and the number of handles.

Many sinks are manufactured with various mounting holes. If you want to keep your current sink, you must choose a faucet that has a base plate that matches the holes. Drilling extra holes into your existing sink is not a good idea because you may chip or crack the surfaces.

Typically, single handles are easier to install and use. The process of installing a faucet with two handles can be a bit challenging. Both handles must be mounted properly on a single base plate. If you need a sprayer, you must install it separately.

Affordable Countertops

Granite is a beautiful material that is manufactured in different patterns and colors. If you need a counter that can handle heat and knife nicks, granite should be considered. You should not buy a granite counter if you don’t want to spend money on sealant to prevent stains.

A solid surface counter cleans easily because it is nonporous. Whenever the surfaces are burn or scratch, but the blemishes can be buffed away with sandpaper. A solid surface counter is not a good option if you need a counter that does not look artificial

Kitchen remodeling projects need additional accessories because they make dull spaces stand out. To learn more about other options in Livonia MI, contact a local remodeling company.

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