Five Reasons to Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets Instead of Refacing Them

The decision to update your kitchen is an important one to make; one not typically made on the spur of the moment. Typically, there’s a lot of thought, planning and dreaming that happens before you start gutting the space. During this decision-making process, there are plenty of questions to ask pertaining to what you would like the finished space to look like. One of those crucial questions to consider is whether or not to replace or reface your kitchens cabinets.

Remodeled Kitchen Prep Area

There are strong arguments to be made for both processes, and each has it’s own pros and cons to weigh. Many people prefer the idea of refacing their existing kitchen cabinets because it can be a fraction of the cost of installing all new cabinetry. Cabinet refacing can be completed in just a few short days and usually doesn’t cause much disruption to your everyday life. Many people also like the character and charm found in original cabinetry from older homes, something that isn’t always found in newer-style installs.

However, for many people, simply refacing the kitchen cabinets isn’t an option. If you are planning a kitchen update and aren’t sure whether refacing your replacing your cabinets is the best choice for you, here are five reasons to replace your existing kitchen cabinets with new ones.

1. You hate your current kitchen layout. If your current kitchen’s floor plan just doesn’t work for you, refacing your cabinets won’t solve the problem. Your kitchen may look more appealing, but that’s it. By removing all of the cabinets, you have the option to create a layout with new cabinets that is customized to meet your specifications.

2. Your existing cabinets are in terrible condition. Let’s face it. Some cabinets just are not worth saving. Maybe they are falling apart, the metal is beginning to rust, or they are cheaply built? Is the main cabinet box in such poor condition that it won’t sustain any new holes drilled for mounting hardware? Repairing and refacing cabinets is disrepair is not practical or cost effective. You’ll start your project and about halfway through, wish you had chosen new cabinets instead.

3. There are structural issues in your kitchen. One of the things you might not notice until it’s time to change your cabinets are structural concerns that are affecting your kitchen. When floors settle, this can result in walls shifting. This leads to cabinets hanging or sitting crooked, doors not shutting properly, and other problems. Refacing your existing cabinets won’t correct those problems. But, when a professional removes the old cabinets completely, the necessary repairs can be made to fix those structural problems, eliminating future issues with your new cabinets.

4. Your cabinets are old. Although original cabinets built in older homes are usually extremely strong and made of higher quality materials, if they were painted before 1978, they are likely covered with lead paint. This can be a problem, because not all contractors are licensed and knowledgeable on the specifics of removing lead paint before resurfacing can begin. Removing lead paint can also be costly and more time consuming as well. In this case, you might be better off simply replacing the old cabinets with new ones.

5. Your kitchen cabinets show signs of water damage. Water can be extremely harmful to the structural integrity of your kitchen cabinets. When you look at your existing cabinets, do they appear swollen or bubbly? Are there dark spots on the wood that appear out of the ordinary? When you push on the side of the cabinet, is the wood soft? Do you have mold anywhere on your cabinets? If you’ve answered, “YES” to any of these questions, then you need to consider replacing your damaged cabinets with new ones. Not only does water decrease your cabinets’ durability, lifespan, and function, but it can bring with it serious health concerns caused by mold and mildew.
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