Five Remodeling Techniques for Making Your Kitchen Kid-Friendly

Between sharp knives and dangerous chemicals under the sink, your kitchen can become a real house of horrors if you have a little one running around. But what if there were ways to remodel the area so it’s more kid-friendly? Here are just five tips for upgrading your kitchen and protecting your children.

Children Cooking

1. Lock Up Your Chemicals

First things first: Hide the bleach. This is especially crucial if you have curious toddlers roaming around the house and getting into everything, but even older children might mistake one cleaning product for another and wind up inhaling fumes or ingesting something they shouldn’t. Short-term solutions can involve baby gates and padlocks, but a good long-term solution is to simply raise your cabinets entirely out of reach.

2. Dull Your Edges

The average kitchen in Warren MI is full of sharp corners ready to cut. Appliances, countertops and cutlery can all work together to make an unsafe space for little ones. The good news is that you can eliminate this Freddy Krueger quality by using the right designs and materials in your next kitchen remodeling project. For example, install rounded isles instead of rectangular ones, and avoid anything made of easily-broken porcelain.

3. Give Yourself an Open Floor Plan

Crowded kitchens are no one’s friend, but this is especially true when kids are running in and out of the space looking for snacks, lunchboxes and early bites of dinner. Give yourself plenty of room when you remodel your kitchen. Not only will you prevent accidents and spills around rampaging children, but you’ll also create an open and inviting space where your entire family can congregate to share morsels and create memories. You can’t buy that kind of love, but you can buy the remodel that makes it happen.

4. Prevent Stains Before They Appear

While those high-grain bamboo tiles might look good for the first five minutes they’re installed, keep in mind that they won’t remain pristine for long. Murphy’s law states that if a kid can spill it, a kid will spill it, so it’s in your best interests to choose tiles and countertops that can be easily cleaned. Think about things like laminate and stainless steel instead of natural materials like stone and wood.

5. Create a Space for the Kids

If your children love helping out in the kitchen but are frequently underfoot in inconvenient or unsafe ways, consider carving out a little space just for them. Install low-level counters and work areas that are perfect for their size; build a mini-fridge into the wall so they can have “their” ingredients within reach. Once they grow up, you can repurpose the space for storage.

These are just a few things to keep in mind during your next kitchen remodeling project in Warren MI. The safety of your children should always be your first concern, of course, but that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to the kitchen of your dreams as well.

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