Five Remodeling Tips for Increasing Kitchen Storage Space

The kitchen is usually the busiest room in the house, but in order for it to function efficiently as both a gathering area for the family and a proper work space for the cook, adequate storage is key. If the cook does not have enough space to work, the kitchen can become cluttered and unproductive. There are several outstanding professional contractors in the Woodhaven MI area who specialize in kitchen remodeling. They will steer you in the right direction and share their best ideas for maximizing space in your kitchen. Here are a few tips to consider.

Modern Kitchen Interior

One of the easiest ways to add extra storage space in the kitchen is to extend the height of the cabinets. If they do not reach ceiling level, the contractor can extend them upwards, which adds extra shelving. These high shelves are a good place to store holiday dishes or infrequently used serving items that take up needed space.


Another popular trend in kitchen remodeling in the Woodhaven MI area is the addition of a walk-in pantry. A pantry that is the size of a closet can be lined with needed shelving while also providing space for housing brooms, mops or appliances that are used infrequently. Have the contractor include plug-ins inside the pantry so that electric brooms and other appliances can charge while they are stored. A walk-in pantry not only adds much needed storage space but increases the resale value of the home.


Ask the contractor if there is enough space to build a separate bar or party area. This space does not have to take up a lot of room in the kitchen, but with shelving above the bar for glasses and space for an ice machine or small wine or beer refrigerator below, the clutter of glasses and bottles disappear, providing the cook with much needed counter space. It also makes it easier to entertain when hosting family for the holidays.


An island with a granite countertop is probably the most popular item in a kitchen today. It not only provides a central space for friends and family to gather, but if shelving is added underneath and long, roll out drawers are installed along the edges, the cook suddenly has an added work space above and much needed storage space below. Ask the kitchen remodeling expert to also add plug-ins here. The cook can plug-in the mixer and use the counter as a temporary work space or the chef can connect the electric knife and use the counter to carve the turkey. The drawers along the edges can store cutlery and the space underneath can house the mixer or the food processor.

Adding a pot rack above the island makes the kitchen look more professional while also providing space to hang pots and pans that are often housed in two or three cabinets. This rack also makes it easier to find pots and pans since the cook does not have to rummage through cabinets searching for the desired item.


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