Five Remodeling Tricks for Maximizing Storage Space in Your Bathroom

The bathroom is considered one of the most important spaces in a house. The bathroom area should be customized to serve all the purposes of the household. Remodeling keeps the bathroom fresh and compliant to trending standards.

Cozy Bathroom In Luxury House

Bathroom remodeling experts can be procured in Warren MI, and surrounding areas. The home owner must first acquire a desired bathroom design. The design can be inspired by emerging trends, technology and the size of the existing bathroom. Other modifications can be made based on the number and frequency of users. Designing, therefore, factors in all the needs and requirements of space.

Storage Spaces and Wall Thickness: A typical bathroom must have cabinets and holders for storing bathroom accessories. Space maximization takes place by creating storage compartments high on the walls as well as beneath sinks and pipes. For instance, towel and cloth holders can be installed behind a door or in a corner. Soap and other washing supplies may have a designated cabinet high on the wall. Since tiles go into your bathroom interior, you do not want to thicken your walls and floor to much. Thick bathroom walls eat up too much space. They also inconvenience plumbing works and repairs.

Toilets and Sink Layout: The layout of the toilets, bathtubs and sinks should be done on pre-determined industry specifications. For instance, the space between objects should be at least one foot wide. The water closet should occupy the furthest space in the room. The sink bench area should also be small.

Bathtub and Shower Areas: Select accessible shower areas. If the shared bathroom space happens to be big enough, separate the room with and install separate shower areas to facilitate sharing of space. An ideal bathtub must have reasonable size and incline. Its size should coordinate with the size of the room such that it occupies right space. At times, it may be sacrificed for a larger shower area. The ceiling should be as high as possible to maximize the flow of air within the interior.

Ventilation and Lighting: Bathroom ventilation systems regulate the moisture content of the interior. Natural ventilation systems include small windows and air ducts high up on the walls. In case an air conditioning system has to be used, have it installed on the exterior of the wall and connected to the room via ducts or pipes. Your lighting equipment can be fixed on the walls or recessed in within the ceiling. Hanging lights occupy space and pose a risk.

Drainage and Plumbing: Before the renovation starts, all existing plumbing, drainage, wall and floor works must be ripped out. All the drainage pipes must be laid out and sealed within the floor before covering with tiles. By concealing drainage and water lines on the wall, lots of space for decoration is created. The work also looks tidy and smart.

A contemporary bathroom inspires confidence among homeowner. You will be showing your guests around the house with pride once you do bathroom remodeling. Enlist the services of a professional. We assist clients in Warren MI, and adjacent locations.

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