Five Rewarding Kitchen Design Ideas You Might Not Have Considered

If faded kitchen cabinetry, broken hardware, and scuffed floors are giving you nightmares, it’s time to consider remodeling. But before you get started, why not consult qualified contractors that can help you think outside of the box? Working with local kitchen remodelers in Warren MI, your kitchen will not only become the hub of your home, but also the star attraction for family members, house guests and friends. These five innovative design ideas will take your kitchen from dingy and drab to absolutely fabulous!

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1.Add a Bay Window
Bay windows are traditionally used to create a focal point for the room; but in the kitchen they can easily become a place for family and friends to relax and enjoy. A window to the outdoors is a favorite place to showcase houseplants or grow herbs. But if your remodeler builds a custom window seat, it becomes an inviting place for guests to keep company with the cook.

2.Create a Home Office
Got a space in the kitchen that’s seldom used? Why not create a home office station –perfect for paying bills, scrapbooking, sorting recipes or planning a weekly calendar. Your contractor can craft a home office to match existing or new kitchen cabinetry and countertops. Install shelving just above your new desk to store books, magazines and supplies. A corkboard backsplash is the finishing touch to help you stay organized!

3.Make Room for Recycling
Help the environment by installing a new pantry or standalone storage closet right in the kitchen to recycle plastics, newspapers, and aluminum cans with ease. Ask your kitchen remodeler to include a tall pantry with adjustable shelving in your new kitchen design. Add separate plastic bins for recyclables like plastic milk jugs and spray bottles, newspapers and magazines, and cans. The moment they are ready to be tossed sort your throwaways into conveniently located bins.

4.Plan for a Playtime
Prepare dinner and keep an eye on the kids by designating an area of a medium to large sized kitchen for play. To keep little ones safe and out of harm’s way, a kitchen remodeler can construct a small fence painted with whimsical flowers or bright balloons. Add brightly colored interlocking foam rubber pieces for flooring, along with giant pillows and their favorite toys for hours of play well within your view.

5. Build a Retro Diner
Keep hungry teens occupied for hours in your newly designed kitchen with a corner booth, retro table and chairs. Your 70s kitchen design starts with a custom built, vinyl upholstered booth. To keep up the 70s theme, paint an accent wall with chalkboard paint and ask your contractor to install vinyl tile flooring in a black and white checkerboard pattern. Add a vintage table and chairs, a popcorn machine, and a soda fountain for a kitchen where everyone will want to meet.

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