Five Safety Features to Install During Your Bathroom Remodel

There are several reasons why it may be time to remodel your bathroom. Maybe the room is outdated, and you are ready for an upgrade. Perhaps plumbing problems have made a repair and remodel necessary. Possibly, you or a loved one is getting older or has a disability that needs to be accommodated, with bathroom safety and logistics considerations. Whatever the reason, kitchen and bath re-modelers in Royal Oak MI can provide outstanding service according to the customer’s needs.

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Safety Features
The words, “Safety features” do not tend to spark the imagination, or bring to mind personalization, variety, and style. However, those qualities are what bathroom remodeling in Royal Oak MI can provide for your bathroom. Whether your taste is traditional, country, or eclectic, you can be pleased with and safe in your stylish new bathroom.

Grab Bars
Grab bars are an excellent way to assist in bathroom safety. They are available in designs and colors that suit your décor. Based on where you plan to place the bar(s), you can choose from one of the following types:
• L-shaped
• Straight
• Vertical
• Swing-Away
• Portable
• Designer shaped

Materials that grab bars come from include:
• stainless steel
• brass
• bronze
• gold
• chrome
All of these materials are available with different types of finishes to complement your new bathroom.

Shower Benches

If your bathroom safety needs include the security and comfort of seating inside the shower, you can include that in your bathroom remodeling. Shower benches can be constructed into the shower using the same tile as the shower. They can be built into a corner, or across a wall. Bench seats can also be of other material, such as Teak wood. It is also possible to have a wall mounted, fold up shower seat installed.

Hand Held Shower Heads

Hand held shower heads work together with shower benches as part of your bathroom safety plan. These showerheads are available with one or two features:
• An extra long hose
• Several different spray options
• A diverter valve to switch between hand-held and regular shower
• Pause control – a button to reduce water flow

Walk-in Tubs

Walk-in tubs are excellent for providing bathroom safety. These tubs offer advantages over the traditional type:
1. They are lower to the floor.
2. Most of them include safety bars, railings, seating, and non-slip floors.

There are other specialties available as well, such as style variety,fixed or handheld showerheads with adjustable settings, whirlpool jets, and quick drain features. There are also walk-in tub-shower combinations that provide the user with safety and a pleasant choice.

Chair–height Toilets

If your remodel is mainly to accommodate an older person, you may want to consider a taller toilet. These toilets are about the same height as a chair, making it easier to sit and stand. Different styles (ex.,round or elongated) features (flushing technology), and colors are available. Grab bars are also available to place along the sides of toilets. Whatever your bathroom remodeling needs, our Royal Oak MI company is available to help you.

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