Five Signs Your Kitchen is in Need of a Redesign

Do you dream about the things you’d like to change every time you cook a meal in your kitchen? Improving kitchens or baths is the most important thing you can do to increase the value of homes in the Royal Oak MI area. Redesigning can improve the functionality of your household. But it does take time and money. How do you know if kitchen redesign is the solution? Look over these five tips and decide whether or not it’s the right time for a redesign.

Kitchen1. Selling Your Home

If you’re planning to put your home on the market anytime in the next year or so, you want to consider a redesign, especially if you have an older home that might be showing the effects of wear and tear, or looks dated. The kitchen is a vital selling point, and potential buyers want to see a space that is attractive and functional. That means you should have:

  • quality appliances
  • efficient layout
  • plenty of cabinet space
  • quality counter tops
  • attractive, modern, ample lighting

2. Storage Space

Kitchens accumulate more utensils and gadgets than any other room. There has to be enough space for family-sized collections of silverware, pots, pans, cups and dishes, mixing bowls and serving platters, and a seemingly endless stream of small appliances that are supposed to make your life easier, from microwaves to egg-cubers. There’s always canned and dry goods to store, and most people like a few personal mementos and knick-knacks around. If it seems like your kitchen is cluttered and things are piling up, it may be time for a kitchen redesign that maximizes storage space. This might mean extending countertops, adding or expanding a pantry, and putting up more cabinets.

3. It Is Not Functional

All kitchens should have a streamlined work area for preparing meals. Stove, refrigerator, sink, countertops, and pots and pans should all be arranged so that you’re not going back and forth across the room every time you need to add a little spice to the stew or grab another cucumber. If things are not well arranged, redesign might be called for. This can involve rearranging over- and under-counter cabinets, kitchen islands, and even moving outlets to allow for rearrangement of major appliances.

4. Outdated Appliances

Many kitchens look dated because the appliances in them are the same ones from when you moved into your home twenty years ago.  Modern ranges, dishwashers, and refrigerators can automatically make your kitchen more attractive and up-to-date. In addition, most modern appliances are Energy Star compliant, which means you’re getting models that use less electricity, while providing more features.

5. Damage

Broken tiles, stains, chipped countertops or worn cabinets are all add up over time.  While you can fix these individually, sometimes it is easier and more cost effective in the long run go the route of a kitchen remodel.

One of your best ways of getting this done is to contact an experienced kitchen remodeling contractor with experience in converting drab old kitchens into rooms that are modern and exciting.

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