Five Tips for Improving Lightning in Your Kitchen

Great kitchen room with granite counter tops stainless steel appliances pendant lights and light tones cabinets.

The kitchen’s appearance is a top selling point for sellers and buyers in real estate. It is also a conversation piece for homeowners and guests. Because of this, not any lighting equipment is acceptable. A good lighting layout makes kitchens appear more elegant and modern, increasing their impact and resale potential. You can improve your kitchen’s lighting ambiance with these five tips:

Unify lighting

Some kitchens usually have one or two large lights installed, which can make them look sparse and barren. The bright spot shines on one area while the rest of the space is dark. Likewise, some kitchens have too many lights. Those kitchens appear cluttered and confusing, which could stress homeowners or potential buyers. Unified lighting brings even lighting across the kitchen area so that brightness covers every inch of the room. Mix and install different lighting types but unify them with by color and/or a kitchen theme.

Select a versatile centerpiece

This accent piece will define the kitchen’s mood. As such your centerpiece must work with contemporary, traditional, transitional, modern, and/or retro decor, whatever you have chosen for the rest of the room. Ideally however this investment must blend well with different designs in case personal tastes change or different homeowners move in. Examples of lighting centerpieces include skylights and pendant lights.

Turn light into a useful tool

Lighting that truly serves a purpose must be installed in the correct places with careful consideration of a room’s geography and purpose. At its best indoor lighting is about more than illumination: it’s about functionality. You can instal lights above the sink, above the stove/range, and/or above the dining room table to help you wash dishes, cook and eat in comfort.

Dim bright lights when necessary

All lights must have an on and off switch, but stopping there is limiting the potential of the fixture. Rather than just turning the lights on or off you should have the option to toggle between dim and full brightness easily. In case full brightness isn’t necessary (quick tasks, during nighttime, eating, etc.), dim lights are a convenient way to get the job done without disturbing anyone.

Install lighting underneath 

Kitchen with wood cabinetry and red under counter back splash

It’s not popular to include lights on the floor or above the countertop, but doing this evokes a different feeling to the kitchen. In turn, the response to the kitchen’s appearance is different. You can even install under-cabinet lighting to allow you to better see inside. Investments like these eliminate shadows and improve the warmth of the room. They also shine a light on your workspace without forcing you to turn on all of your lights at once to complete a task. Include under-cabinet lighting to spice up familiar lighting patterns.

This is a small list of various ideas to spruce up kitchen lighting. There is a great deal more than can be done. Nonetheless, you need to ensure the light in your kitchen is being used optimally. A good plan is vital for a successful lighting makeover. Determine whether natural light, indoor light, or a combination will work best for your kitchen, and call a professional for advice and assistance. The correct use of light can brightens up an area, become a decorative piece of your home, and improve your productivity.