Five Ways to Improve Storage Space During Your Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel can be an arduous experience but also a rewarding one – both aesthetically and financially. While a homeowner will undoubtedly enjoy the improved appliances and countertops, they should also make the best of the process by also maximizing their storage space. Here are a few tips on how to accomplish this task:

Female hand open the cupboard doors close upUse the back side of every door
There is a remarkable amount of storage space located just inside any cabinet or large drawer but the demands of access generally render it unusable. However, with the right hardware, this space can be recaptured. One of our favorite hardware options is one that connects to the inside of the door and allows you to store thin but unwieldy items like lids.


Try pull-out cabinet
pullout solutions
Whether you use it for dry goods or simply as a spice rack, a corner pull-out cabinet makes an excellent addition to any corner or other hard-to-fill space in a kitchen. They are highly organizable and make everything in them extremely easy to find.


Utilize a Lazy Susan in that unused corner cabinet
Another “dead” spot in most kitchens is that hard to reach area when a counter makes a 90-degree turn. There is a significant amount of space back there but nobody relishes getting on their hands and knees to access it. A Lazy Susan is the obvious solution and some truly creative ones have been invented over the years.


Add a pantry closet
Many folks who have endured living in a small apartment do not realize the really quite surprising amount of foodstuffs can be stored in a small 2” x 2” dedicated pantry closet. In fact, with the right storage solutions, the dried and canned goods for a family of four for a month’s worth of meals will easily fit. If you have one in your remodel plans, add one as it offers the best space to cost ratio.


Consider compartmentalization
Shelves are all well and good and as many as possible should be included in any kitchen remodel. Still, installed shelves are only as good as their organization. The use of baskets, plastic bins or metal tubs can make them even more efficient as these latter objects allow you to reconfigure the kitchen storage as your needs grow and change.


swivelsInstall swivel stools
Seating can often be a problem in a cramped kitchen. Swivel stools that attach to the cabinetry are a practical and space-saving solution. Not only can you locate them at the ideal height but they easily move out of the ways and store with the lightest of touches.

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