Five Ways to Increase Storage Space During Your Bathroom Remodel

Easily one of the most popular home renovation projects undertaken by the typical homeowner is the bathroom remodel. Overhauling a bathroom improves usability and generally boosts home value regardless of how you proceed. One area that Royal Oak MI bathroom re-modelers tend to neglect is storage. There’s no reason why a few basic under-sink cabinets should be the only options. Here are a few ways to increase storage space in your bathroom.

Cozy Bathroom In Luxury House

Pull-Down Shelves on Sliding Tracks

Many homeowners with cramped kitchens are intimately familiar with pull-down shelving systems. The great thing about pull-downs is that they can take a variety of forms and be installed high up on the wall. This leaves more space at chest level for traditional storage hardware like cabinets and shelves. When installed on sliding tracks, they allow users to adjust the height of the cabinets themselves.

Vertically-Stacked Hanging Baskets

The same kinds of hanging baskets used in kitchens to store produce can be deployed in bathrooms to make room for more cabinets and counter space. The nice thing about hanging baskets is that they fit into tight corners that often go to waste. To ramp up the utility factor, install an adjustable cable or cord that can raise or lower the whole basket setup as needed.

Flush Wall Cabinets Behind Mirrors

There’s no reason why shallow medicine cabinets have to be the size of a picture frame. A wall cabinet that’s five feet tall, three feet wide and up to six inches deep doesn’t take up much space but can store a ton of gear. To get the most bang for your buck, add a full-size mirror to the front and a few low-profile hooks on the sides.

Hangers & Shelves on Door Backsides

A simple hook for robes and towels isn’t the only way to make a door pull double duty in the bathroom. As long as you’re redoing the space, you might as well install a sturdy oak or maple door that can support a substantial amount of weight. Attach a few baskets and hangers on the back and add a simple shelf above the lintel.

Recessed Shower or Tub Compartments

Unless you’ve got a claw-foot tub, it’s likely that your bath or shower area has plenty of empty space that can be exploited for storage purposes. For instance, a molded tub and shower unit has a hollow area between the outer and inner walls that can house a smaller cabinet. Likewise, one could easily install alcoves in the walls of stall-style showers with glass doors.

How to Get It Right on the First Try

Generally speaking, perfecting the storage equation when completing a bathroom remodel isn’t the biggest worry for Royal Oak MI residents. Regardless, it’s easy to waste time and money if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you’re hiring a professional re-modeler for bathroom renovations anyway, finding one that has expertise in storage design is a wise move that’ll yield positive results.

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