Four Basic Tenants of Kitchen Design to Consider Before Your Remodel

There’s an abundance of different theories and ideas about how to maximize efficiency in the kitchen. One of the most prominent and often-repeated ideas is the theory of the “kitchen work triangle”. According to this point of view, there are three major kitchen elements that should be arranged in a triangular configuration. The flow of foot traffic through this triangle area should remain uninterrupted. The elements forming the triangle are as follows:

Kitchen Plans

  • The sink
  • The stove or cooktop
  • The refrigerator

Another major theory is that kitchens should be arranged to accommodate the actual workflow of the chef and anyone they may routinely work with while cooking.

It’s advantageous to give some thought to which theory you wish to incorporate into the design of your kitchen, and to plan your remodeling project accordingly.

1. A Kitchen Should Always Have a Focal Point

It’s beneficial to create visual emphasis around a single element in the kitchen. Each kitchen’s focal point is unique, depending on the home’s architecture and furnishings. In some kitchens, windows are the focal points. In others, the emphasis is on interesting cabinetry. In many kitchens, the stove or the central workspace serves as the focal point.

2. Kitchen Design Elements Should Be Harmonious

Kitchen furnishings do not all have to match each other perfectly, but every element should harmonize well with the others in the space. The colors, materials, textiles, fixtures and appliances should all be chosen to coordinate well with the other surfaces sharing the space. It’s also helpful if these elements work with each other to place additional emphasis on the room’s focal point; this contributes to a unified look throughout the space.

3. Scale and Proportion Are Important in the Kitchen

When remodeling your kitchen, you’re going to encounter certain limitations based on the space available, and your home’s existing architecture. To maximize the space you have available, it’s important to take scale and proportion into consideration as you plan your remodeling project. You don’t want to try to cram huge appliances into a small kitchen. If you are working with a large space, you also want to fill that space appropriately.

4. Kitchen Elements Should Be Balanced

The ideal kitchen is well balanced, with cabinetry and other elements employing a satisfying placement of visual weight. The colors will also ideally be balanced; if there are dark-colored elements in your kitchen, you want to balance those with some light-colored elements.

Planning Kitchen Renovations

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