Homeowners in Need of Kitchen Transformation and Appliances

The below article reviews what remodeling projects Americans plan to complete in the coming years. We often see that the failure of an existing appliance starts a domino effect. The new appliance often cannot fit in the space of the failed appliance. The homeowner then decides that “now” is probably the best time to update the cabinets and countertops as well. Then new lighting and other updated gadgets are considered – and what started out as just replacing a refrigerator has become a complete gut of the existing kitchen.

But dealing with everything all at the same time has many advantages. It allows Homeowners to select colors and designs that are current and blend well together. They can adopt the latest technologies and design trends into their projects, and they can get it over with all at one time and then enjoy it for many years while also enhancing the resale-value of their home. And it also saves them money – by concentrating on all aspects of the project at the same time, there are substantial labor savings and the assurance that everything will “fit” with one cohesive design.

Kurtis Kitchen and Bath

stoveAmericans consider the kitchen a central area in their home for family and guests, but according to a nationwide study released by LG Electronics, only 12 percent of homeowners like to show off their kitchens to visitors.

The survey of more than 1,000 American homeowners revealed that upgraded kitchen appliances are in such high demand that 95 percent of homeowners would even be willing to give up something they enjoy for 12 months. Nearly one in five of those surveyed would forgo sex, and more than one in four of those who are married would give up winning fights with their spouse to receive upgraded appliances.

The survey reveals multiple reasons for Americans’ disappointment in their kitchen appliances, including:

Outdated America:

53 percent of homeowners describe their kitchen as outdated, and nearly six in 10 say they do not have all the appliances they need for this room.

As a result, bathroom footprints are also staying small. “Knowing that,” he says, “there’s development in new products and fixtures where the functionality is there, but the scale is smaller.” Uhl adds that contemporary design in general, and freestanding bathtubs specifically, are seeing an uptick, since sleek design elements create the illusion of space.

Out with the Old:

69 percent plan to update their kitchen, and two-thirds of them say they will do so in the next two years.

Fridge Frustrations:

More than two in three consider the refrigerator their most crucial home appliance; however, many are unhappy with their current model. Chief complaints include a lack of freezer and storage space, food spoiling before the expiration date and inefficient use of energy.

Convenience Challenges:

More than half of those with ovens say they do not feature a self-cleaning function and are left having to spend significant amounts of time cleaning the appliance by hand. In addition, almost a third of homeowners say they’ve had to cook a meal in shifts because of a lack of cooking space in oven ranges.

The Kitchen Scapegoat:

When dishes don’t come out clean, 37 percent of homeowners with a dishwasher blame their appliance. Nearly eight in 10 complain this appliance doesn’t leave the silverware or dishes spotless. More than a quarter of homeowners who use a dishwasher end up wiping down or scrubbing their dishes before loading them into the machine.

“We know that many consumers are unhappy with their appliances for a variety of reasons – from being outdated or mismatched to how loud or inefficient they are,” said Dave VanderWaal, director of brand marketing, LG Electronics USA. “The LG Studio line was designed with consumers in mind, offering the enviable combination of performance, versatility, efficiency and a high-end aesthetic tailored to address many homeowners’ kitchen challenges. With its seamless blending of style and technological innovation, this premium appliance collection adds a sophisticated yet functional elegance to the heart of the home.”

Source: http://www.kbbonline.com/ 02/20/14


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