How Open Should the Floor Plan of Your Remodeled Kitchen Be?

If a kitchen remodeling project is on your to-do list, you may be feeling inundated with advice, television shows, magazine articles, and the internet as to the best way to expand your kitchen. The sheer volume of data available can be enough to stop you in your tracks. However, the professionals in Woodhaven MI are available to help you assess your needs, determine your options within your current space, and decide the best way to maintain functionality of the hardest working room in your house.

Kitchen Plans

From apple tarts to zwieback, your kitchen has to function well for all the members of the household on a daily basis. Here are some of the many positive changes you’ll enjoy by opening up the space:

1) Entertainment and Connection: If your guests congregate in the kitchen or just hover in the doorway, opening up walls and adding islands, peninsulas and breakfast bars can be a great way to connect without crowding the cook or the diners.

2) Cabinetry Updates: Whether you’re updating or replacing cabinets, now is the time to take care of any existing storage challenges you face. Do you have a black hole cabinet, into which things disappear and are never found again? Put in sliders and drawers. Are you constantly dragging out a step stool to search for things lost at the back of a tall cabinet? Consider pull down spice racks, or an open shelf or glass door for decorative storage in that hard to reach spot.

3) Appliance Replacement: If opening up the kitchen is the primary goal, give plenty of thought to the visual appeal of your new appliances. Options for continuity in tone include refrigerators with cabinet doors, or even with a chalkboard finish! Additionally, refrigerators are no longer only available as a large metal box. This change in size will provide many opportunities for custom layouts in your new kitchen. Custom facing options are also possible for stoves and dishwashers.

4) Power Upgrades: If you need to open up walls at any point for any reason, consider adding outlets. You will not regret having access to more power. Additionally, extra outlets on an island are a great investment.

5) Lighting Improvements: Once the walls are open, there will be plenty of chances to improve the quality of the lighting in your home. Whether you’re setting out a spread of snacks for your guests or serving a full dinner, you’ll want to show off your hard work with one of the many interesting and lovely light fixtures available. From LED bars that fit close to the ceiling to pendant lights that hang above your new peninsula, professionals in Woodhaven MI can provide you with terrific guidance on the best lighting fixtures for your workspace.

Kitchen remodeling can be a stressful project to undertake. Disruption in this most used room in the house can be a real challenge. However, careful consultations with remodeling professionals who take the time to understand your needs can lead you to a kitchen workspace that works ideally for you and all the members of your household.

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