How Open Should Your Remodeled Kitchen’s Floor Plan Be?

Kitchen remodeling can change the entire feel of the room. It can be tempting to go with the current trend or craze in Royal Oak MI, but it’s important to remember what you want to get out of the room when you are done with it. From a bachelor pad, to a family gathering place, to a cook’s oasis, the kitchen is the center of life in the home. But form must follow functionality if you are going to get a remodeled kitchen you will be happy with. Below are a few helpful tips to consider when it is time for kitchen remodeling in Royal Oak MI.
Kitchen With Island
• Family Time
The first thing to consider is how many people will be using the kitchen on a regular basis. While a galley kitchen may be fine for a single person living on their own, it will feel unbearably cramped for a family of four. Ideally there should be enough room in the kitchen for everyone to be able to get breakfast in the morning without running into each other. A good solution for this is to have a wider kitchen with an island in the center for prep work and casual eating. Allowing enough room for traffic flow will make your kitchen be stress free.
• Formality
The informal kitchen that opens on to the living room or den is a common sight these days, especially in homes with young families. While it may make keeping an eye on the kids easier and not make one feel stuck in the kitchen, it does has a draw back. Floor plans that open the kitchen to the main room of the house mean that your guest will be greeted by the sight of your kitchen, regardless of the state of the dishes. If you prefer to have a more formal living situation, then an enclosed kitchen would suit your lifestyle better.
• The Chef’s Dream
If a full walk in pantry, counters and cupboards on every wall, a full stove with a built in grill and a double oven is your idea of a remodel done right, then you are going to want to maximize the amount of space you can give to your kitchen. Good work flow is essential too, so be sure you have enough room to fit in all of your dream appliances. It may mean making an adjoining room a little smaller, but if cooking well is your thing then it will be worth it.
Kitchen remodeling can seem overwhelming at first. There are so many factors to consider. But if you stop and take stock of how you envision living in the kitchen when the work is done it can prevent a lot of headaches from forming further down the road. With a little know how, forethought and some common sense, you can make sure that the remodeled kitchen of your dreams will be big enough to hold all your dreams, with room enough for more to come.

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