How to Redesign Your Kitchen to Better Protect Your Child

Inefficient designs and layouts can cause various accidents in the kitchen. However, you can protect your kids by following a few simple steps.

kitchen_remodelPrep the Kitchen

Before beginning this kitchen redesign project, toss out any old drain cleaners or bleaches. To prevent toxic accidents, you must replace these items with environmentally friendly cleansers.

Blind cords are extremely dangerous to curious toddlers.  If the blinds in your kitchen have free-hanging cords, be sure that you wrap the cords in a blind cord cleat so they are out of the reach of little ones.

Cabinet Considerations

Low drawers and cabinets injure many toddlers every year. To protect your child, install drawers that have advanced slides, which close automatically. Some manufacturers also make drawers that have a unique guidance system that regulates the speed of the sliding device. If you choose this feature, your kids will not pinch or slam their fingers in the drawers.

All cabinets and drawers should have internal locking devices. Many homeowners use the Safety First Tot Lock because:

  • The system can be used on cabinets that are 1.5 inches thick.
  • The lock has a magnetic locking mechanism.
  • The system has a button that disables the lock quickly and easily.

Electrocution Prevention

According to 911 reports, 86 percent of electrical accidents involve kids who are under four years old. Typically, most of the injuries happen in the kitchen during lunch and dinner. An outlet cover can prevent electrical shocks, but it is a choking hazard. A self-closing cover is a better solution because it protects the outlet automatically after each use.

Prevent Tumbles

The National Safety Council reports that 8.9 million people go to the hospital each year after they slip on a kitchen floor. This is why you must install slip-resistant flooring, such as rubber, cork, wood, and slate. If you cannot afford new flooring, place several non-slip rugs or mats in high traffic areas.

Easy Ways to Increase Kitchen Safety

If you don’t have cabinet locks, store all of your medications and cleansers on a high shelf.

Be careful with tablecloths or runners that drape over the edges of the table.  Children can grab on the material and pull contents off the table crashing to the floor or on the child itself.

If possible, install the dishwasher in a good location so that you can monitor it when in use.  Children could scald themselves by opening a dishwasher during the wash cycle.

When cooking, the handles on the pots and pans should face the wall. If the handles hang over the side of the stove, your kids could grab them and the hot contents can cause serious burns.


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