Improving Your Home’s Resale Value With a Kitchen Redesign

The housing market, while good, is slowing down. Home prices are up but houses stay on the market longer. In Detroit, that trend is not as evident because the city has taken aggressive action. Forbes says that a combination of creative financing, homeowner initiative and neighborhood clean-up projects has led to a healthy Detroit housing market.

Wood And Stainless Steel Kitchen

There are many things homeowners can and should do to improve the resale value of their houses including home repairs and kitchen redesign. Kitchen and bath redesigns are at the top of the list for allowing homeowners to recoup their investments. Although most projects will not yield a 100 per cent recovery, most will net anywhere from 69 to 93 per cent. Forbes says, however, that financial return is not the only reason to redesign a kitchen. In the Detroit market, that redesign can lead to a faster sale.

What are the TOP TRENDS IN KITCHENS TODAY? The newest trends are for:
• Open floor plans. Lots of space and multi-purpose areas attract buyers. In designing a kitchen that overlooks or adjoins a family use area, a consistent theme or color combination encourages people to mingle from one room to another.
• Wood kitchen cabinets. This classic is always in demand. What’s trending now in wood
is oak, especially in lighter colors, a driftwood finish that allows gray to be predominant in the décor and other woods like maple. In metropolitan settings there is a trend toward cherry wood because it foes nicely with the oil-rubbed and burnished warm metallic finishes on appliances.
• Plain, or no-frills white kitchen cabinets. If you don’t like the natural wood tones, consider the fresh, utilitarian appeal of white. Cabinets are returning to white as the primary neutral color. In a kitchen with white appliances, white kitchen cabinets create a seamless finish.
• Metallic cabinets. Designers in Royal Oak MI and throughout the Detroit area are seeing more metallic surfaces in warm colors like bronze and copper. We see this trend repeated in the fixtures as well, with warm metallic faucets and handles.
• Metallic appliances. For years the trend in alternative materials has been stainless steel. The new kitchen re-dos feature the warmth and depth of oil-rubbed metallic such as bronze or other metals in brushed finishes.
• White or colorful sinks. Again, white seems to be finding favor again as the newest neutral.

In Royal Oak MI, the median price for a two-bedroom home is around $175,000. Remodeling one room makes sense to the seller financially. Kitchen redesigns are a great addition because they boost the perceived value of the home at that price or even higher. Buyers expect things like plumbing and foundation, roof and air conditioning to be working. They are the “invisibles.” A trendy, fresh kitchen is highly visible and a prime reason many buyers choose one home over another. In short, it’s a “sexy” and new element that makes the home more attractive and takes the house off the Detroit area housing market faster.

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