Increasing Standing Space in Your Kitchen With a Remodel

Modern Kitchen Interior Design Architecture Stock Image, Photo of a modern white kitchen with a dark wood table, hi-end appliances and plenty of daylightRemodeling a kitchen requires planning. Without ever realizing it, the standing space that is available can often be a huge problem. Many kitchens are accepted as part of the bigger picture in purchasing a home. Features such as low energy bills, the number of bathrooms or an attached garage can outweigh the floor plan and work station of a kitchen. However, when finally deciding on a new kitchen remodel, start with your ease of movement and the desired placement of appliances and supplies before selecting new cabinets.

Why Standing Space is Important

The problems faced in creating a flow of standing space often includes:

  • Abnormal placement of appliances
  • Too little common space for visitors
  • Unfriendly cabinet space in relation to food prep area

Think about the amount of steps that you take when putting together a meal. Everything from getting bowls and pans to retrieving foodstuffs can often require unnecessary steps. Being forced to make several trips around the kitchen in gathering supplies not only wastes time, but can also throw your mind off balance in preparing the meal at hand.

How a Kitchen Remodel Can Address more than Style

girl and dad baking together in the kitchenMany older styled kitchens were not built with lots of counter space and small appliance storage. There were no elaborate food processors, coffee machines or deep fryers to tuck away neatly. Plug-ins were limited and direct lighting was unheard of. Today, moving about to access everything needed can cause you to sweep over the entire kitchen when planning and implementing a meal.

Take the Eyes Closed Test

Pretend that you are going to make a meatloaf and scalloped potatoes for dinner. Standing at your normal work station, close your eyes and collect all of the items necessary. This should be an easy feat when everything is organized. Also count the number of steps taken to prepare this simple meal. If you have to stop several times to remember the location of each necessary item, a kitchen redo with increased standing space and limited movement is in order.

Professional Design Services

It can be tough to picture a kitchen where there is adequate standing space, cabinets that have a special place for everything and where there is enough counter space for a designated work station. This is a large part of what designers offer when selecting a kitchen remodeling company. Some of the benefits that can be overcome by using a professional include:

  1. Adequate lighting
  2. Extra electrical outlets
  3. Keeping workstation separated
  4. Easy access to food prep items
  5. Limiting steps with improved appliance placement

Planning a kitchen remodel is not just about putting a new shine on this room, but to become better organized and stress free when it comes to meal preparation. Increased standing space and unnecessary steps will make you wonder why this project was put off for so long. Contact a kitchen remodeling company today and consider their suggestions.


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