Increasing the Usable Space in Your Kitchen During Your Remodel

Having your kitchen remodeled is a great way to breathe fresh air into an outdated room. However, in the excitement of selecting new counter tops, flooring, and cabinets, many neglect to add one important improvement, more usable space. It is difficult to change a project once the crew is on-site and the kitchen remodeling has begun. Here are some ideas that can improve storage space while the plans are still being discussed.

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Under Sink Creativity

The space under the kitchen sink is hardly ever utilized to its potential. It may hold dish soap, scratch pads, a variety of grocery bags or odd-looking jars. Put that space to good use by using a variety of creative cabinetry.

  • One Huge Drawer – By having a drawer under your kitchen sink, it will glide out with ease and show you everything in once glance. Consider putting one or more dividers in the drawer for different items.
  • Trash Holder – The trash can does not have to have a designated spot on the kitchen floor. Have a sub floor built into your under sink cabinet door. When the door is opened, a trash container swings out along with the door.
  • Built-In Baking Pan Rack – Think of all the pans that are long, flat and impossible to store. Turn one side of your under sink into a rack where they are easily retrieved. This is an easy fix for the professional carpenters in Woodhaven MI.

Waste No Space

There is always that thin space between the wall and refrigerator or stove that serves no purpose. By having a ceiling-to-floor pull out wall tucked in this opening, it will add a cleaner look. Have small shelves inserted for spices, rolls of aluminum foil, or other items that are thin and always hard to find.

Artful Walls

While you are making your kitchen as stylish as possible, consider buying new pots and pans and arrange above an open stove area. Iron, stainless steel, and copper are beautiful utensils to show off and make for healthier eating. You may have to rethink your stove hood to accommodate the change, but it will be worth it.

Hidden Seating

Your kitchen remodeling ideas may not take into account chairs that will be in the middle of the walkway or along an island. If your area is being stretched for new appliances and cabinets, use stools that are legless and held with iron brackets. These can easily be tucked into an open space with just a turn when not in use.

If you live in the Woodhaven MI area and are contemplating kitchen remodeling, these are a few ideas that can make a huge difference in your finished product. Small details often turn into huge headaches when thinking back and replaying what should have been done. If you have a storage problem with your existing kitchen, mention this to your kitchen remodel company and together, you can find a creative solution, such as the ones listed above.

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