Industry Update

We are often asked, “What are the differences between shopping at Kurtis versus a Home Center (Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc.).” Of course we are biased in our opinions – but the facts should speak for themselves.
Personal Service:

The Home Centers provide a wonderful service for cash-and-carry type items. They are well known for their large selection and depth of inventory. Where they are weak is in the area of personal service. Whether it is trying to find someone in an aisle to assist you, or whether you are trying to reach an employee by telephone, the task is always difficult and frustrating. Kurtis specializes in personal service. You will not be on-hold for 20 minutes or bounce from message center to message center; you will not be re-directed to a call-center in India or China. You will speak with a local Kurtis representative that is knowledgeable and informed about the issues.


The average length of service of a Kurtis employee is 11.6 years. Various manufacturing partners tell me that the average length of service of a Home Center employee in the kitchen/bath department is under 1 year. How do they know? They are tasked with constantly training the new employees due to the high turnover in these environments. So whom do you want to entrust your remodeling project to – the Home Center employee with less than a year’s experience, or the experienced Kurtis team of sales & design consultants and their support staff that are ready and able to guide you through the entire process?


If you had a heart problem you would travel to a cardiologist for the very best in care, not your general practitioner. For your remodeling project you need to work with a specialist as well! You need someone that has seen it all before and knows how to deal with your unique situation. Kurtis carries numerous brands of materials so that we can meet any budget. And we have programs to fit whatever level of involvement you desire – Do-It Yourself, Contract-It Yourself, Cabinet-Only or Complete Installation services are available.

Competitive Pricing:

And guess what – it won’t cost you any more to have it done by a dealer such as Kurtis that specializes in this area! Many clients will shop at Kurtis after their visit in the Home Center – and save money by NOT proceeding with a faulty design or an inappropriate product selected by an inexperienced Home Center salesperson. And of course, Kurtis offers a Price Assurance Guarantee that assures competitive pricing on all the manufactured products we sell.

So get all that you are entitled to – quality in design from an experienced and knowledgeable staff at a competitive price and with the personal services you deserve. Select Kurtis for your next remodeling project.