Kitchen and Bath Remodeling in a Difficult Economy

We are seeing many clients that are interested in accomplishing a remodeling project, but they are obviously concerned about the economy, the job market and their ability to take on a “costly” project at this time. We have answers for those people interested in getting something done NOW.

1. Prices are just not going down. Appliance manufacturers have already announced their increases; cabinet manufacturers normally announce their increases in January and February of each year and we have already been alerted that they are coming. If you are serious about moving forward in the next 120 days – make your decision NOW – you will save money.

2. Consider replacing just your appliances, countertops and hardware (handles), but try and decide soon – since again, most of the appliance manufacturers have already announced their price increases effective at the end of this year. Come the end of this year, consumers will see about an across the board 12% increase on just about every appliance.

3. Kurtis has developed many programs to help homeowners save on their budget.
• Do-It-Yourself:
We will provide the design assistance and the materials. You do the installation.
• Contract-It-Yourself:
We will provide the design assistance and the materials. Hire your own installers.
• Cabinet Only Installation:
We will provide the design assistance, the materials, and the basic cabinet installation. You can provide whatever installation services you feel you are qualified to perform on your own or through someone you hire.
• Complete Installation programs:
We’ll provide all the materials – from cabinetry and countertops to plumbing and electrical – even the appliances – and we will manage the entire job through final installation. Think about it – Kurtis has the clout with the various workers to get your project done quickly and cost effectively. If you try acting on your own, you will not get the response time or have the financial impact on a tradesman like we do! And that means we can keep your costs lower than parceling out parts of the job to others.

Come in and learn about these and many other ways to save money on your remodeling project. So if you are thinking about improving your kitchen or bath, come in and talk to an expert at Kurtis. We can help you save money and complete that project in the fastest amount of time and with the least amount of stress.