Kitchen Cabinets Spotlight Clean Lines, Accessible Storage

Here is another update on the “hottest trends” in kitchen cabinetry.
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Created: October 8, 2013

In today’s function-driven world, it isn’t enough for kitchen cabinetry to just look good – it has to offer functional benefits that help to better organize the kitchen while providing plentiful, accessible storage that maximizes hidden space.

From a design standpoint, cabinets continue to trend toward clean lines, textural elements and painted finishes in shades of white and gray. At the same time, the trend toward Great Room-style kitchens require kitchen cabinetry that integrates seamlessly into the rest of the home.

Here are some of the hottest trends in kitchen cabinets right now.

  • Simple, fresh, clean-lined design remains one of the hottest design trends in cabinetry, with “transitional” the big buzzword right now.
  • While cabinet design trends toward simple and clean, visual interest is being added through the use of high-contrast looks and textural elements.
  • Painted finishes in whites and, increasingly, grays are in high demand.
  • As the trend toward open-space kitchens continues, it’s more important than ever for cabinetry to provide functional storage space as well as a unified look that blends with the rest of the open spaces.
  • Smaller kitchens have made it critical for cabinetry to offer accessible storage that maximizes every last inch of space.
  • Value continues to be important as budget considerations remain top of mind for many consumers, but consumers also recognize that they are making a long-term investment, and will spend on quality products that meet their design and functional needs.

Source: Kitchen & Bath Design News 10/9/13


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