Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Home Which Can Be Accomplished Through Remodeling

For many, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s a place where families gather with friends and relatives, so it makes sense that you would want it to look beautiful and be highly functional. A kitchen remodel can allow you to completely start over and build your kitchen how you want it. Kitchen designers can help you figure out what you like, as well as keep you within your specified budget. Below are some great kitchen designs you may choose to follow during your kitchen remodel in Royal Oak MI.


White Cottage KitchenWhite kitchens are loved by many and can be seen often because of their timelessness and classic attributes. White is a clean and happy color, so people can be attracted to the simplicity and comfort that is found in a white kitchen. White kitchen cabinets can topped with marble counter tops and white subway backsplash tiles or natural stone. Paint the walls in a light cream color for a warmer feeling, or light grays if you’re looking for a cooler feel.Eco friendlyIf you’re earth conscious then having an environmentally friendly kitchen may be something that is important to you. You can start your renovation by using eco-friendly cabinets and installing lights that use less wattage and energy.

Ditch your old energy-sucking appliances for new energy friendly ones. A high energy star rating will point you in the right direction. If you’re really looking to serve the environment, consider reusing cabinets from other people’s previous renovations or just make over your own. Nowadays, counter tops can be made from recycled glass and bamboo, as well as counter tops made from recycled paper scraps.

New Modern

If you like straight and sleek lines, then you may like the modern kitchen design look. Modern kitchens often have flat faced cabinets in a variety of different finishes. Some people prefer is simple, stained wooden cabinet to warm the place up, while others prefer to go full force toward the modern look with white painted cabinets, or even reface them with stainless steel.

Cabinets with a modern design either don’t use cabinet or knobs or use pulls that have straight edges to keep with their sleek and flowing design. If you would like to keep the traditional kitchen but add some modern elements to update it, consider adding a stainless steel back splash above your cabinets, or install modern lights above an island.

A Techie’s Dream

New technology will allow you to have the most innovative kitchen gadgets in the neighborhood. Years ago if you had an overhead microwave you were already ahead of the technology scene. These days, advancements have made many more options available, from temperature sensitive faucets that turn on with a touch, to a faucet over your stove to fill large pots, to espresso machines for the coffee lovers and built in televisions.

Uniquely you

Some people don’t like to adhere to a specific style. Your kitchen should be a reflection of what you love, so if that doesn’t fit within any name then bring in elements that will please you. Get a custom kitchen plan from a kitchen designer who would what you are looking for. Don’t be afraid to go crazy if you have an idea you want. Paint your cabinets a different color or install a crazy backsplash if you’re daring. Most people are afraid to add unique elements for fear that it will hurt the home value, but sometimes it makes more sense to live with what you love while you’re there.

If you like these styles or have a design that wasn’t even listed, our kitchen designers in Royal Oak MI can help you create a custom plan that fits all of your needs, no matter how big or small they are.

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