Kitchen Remodeling Tips for Maximizing Your Home’s Resale Value


Renovating your kitchen is a big project but one of the best ways to add value to your Royal Oak MI home. It is more than just a stunning backsplash and hip new cabinets. A kitchen is the center of your home where individuals gather for meals, entertainment, and socialization. Updating and upgrading your kitchen add ease to your lifestyle while providing that perfect atmosphere for your family’s needs. When planning for kitchen remodeling, integrate these thoughtful tips for a space that is not only functional, but easy to work and live in.

Use Materials of High Quality
The upfront cost of installing higher quality kitchen materials deters many, but it will pay off in the long run. Top-quality drawer slides and hinges help keep cabinet doors closed and prevent sticking. The interior of the cabinets should contain wood veneer as this is more durable than melamine, laminate, or particleboard.

Measure the Countertops2
This may not be as big of an issue for those who cook infrequently, but if you are a master chef in your own kitchen, you will require more counter space, specifically between the range and the sink. Furthermore, if you intend on baking frequently or involving kids in meal preparation, two countertop heights are ideal.

Choose the Island’s Function
Kitchen islands are seen as a great addition to any remodel, but often lacks clear functionality. While some islands are primarily used for either cooking or eating, others incorporate both. Plan enough space if you are insisting on the latter as the cooktop needs to be safely separated from the dining area.

Keep Design Details Simple
When taking on a kitchen remodeling job, it can be tempting to overdo the design accents. The style of your kitchen should match the rest of your home. Adding pediments over stoves, plaster moulding on cabinet fronts, or flashy backsplashes could cause design overload. Carefully plan out these details in advance and base decisions on other features of your home.

Incorporate New Technology
Over the past decade, there has been a massive increase in technology that resides in your home’s kitchen. Adding these touches will substantially increase your home’s value. For example, swing-out taps installed near cooktops allow individuals to fill pots near where you heat them. There are plenty of other smart gadgets that can be used based on preference and need.

3Avoid High-Upkeep Selections
Natural surfaces that contain texture such as slate, terra-cotta and tumbled marble tend to camouflage dirt and crumbs but are extremely difficult to clean whereas smooth light surfaces including white laminate counters tend to show everything but can be wiped up in no time. Choose carefully when making your countertop and floor selections.

Use Smart Storage Designs
It is easier than ever to build in storage solutions for new kitchens. Many individuals are turning towards designated drawers for knives and cutting boards along with equipping cabinets with separate containers for recycling. If you are looking to hide appliances, cabinets can cover microwaves, refrigerators, and other trash receptacles.

Overall, your kitchen should be a reflection of you and your family. Before you take on the task of designing the space in your Royal Oak MI home, search for unique furniture to incorporate into your design. Find a single focal point to work around including backsplashes, floors, range hoods, cabinets, and countertops and complement the area with other quieter details. What are you waiting for? Get started on your kitchen renovation today!



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