Remodeling Your Bathroom to Make it More Child-Safe

If you are parents with toddlers living in your home in Livonia MI, then making a home safer is essential to prevent injuries such as burns. Bathroom remodeling is a specialized process that requires hiring experts who know how to install plumbing fixtures such as faucets and toilets. Children see items in a bathroom from a different perspective and are able to get into dangerous situations quickly. Despite watching a child carefully, a toddler can get into a bathroom without parents noticing. You might not know that a toddler is able to get out of their crib or open a bedroom door until a medical emergency occurs.

Toddler ripping up toilet paper in bathroom

One: Install Childproof Cabinets and Drawers

You might think that buying cleansers and prescription medications in childproof containers with difficult to remove lids is enough to protect a child from opening the item, but you are wrong. In some cases, the lids on chemicals and medications do not lock properly after being opened the first time. In addition, children frequently are able to open containers that contain poisonous substances. You might not realize that toothpaste that contains fluoride is toxic when swallowed. When requesting bathroom remodeling, you should have new cabinets and drawers installed that lock automatically when closed.

Two: Safety Faucets or Faucet Covers

To prevent burns from hot water, you should have specialized faucets installed in a bathroom. These faucets make it easier to control the temperature level of water to avoid accidental burns when filling a bathtub or having a shower. A child might think that it is fun to play in water and attempt to fill a sink or bathtub on their own but not understand how to mix hot and cold water correctly to prevent scald burns. In addition to having temperature-controlled faucets on bathroom fixtures, you should also install covers. There are covers for faucets that prevent turning on water until the item is removed or soft covers that prevent injuries when a child slips in the bathtub.

Three: Add Grab Bars and Slip-Resistant Tile to a Bathroom

Bathroom fixtures and floors become slippery when wet, but you can have grab bars installed around a bathtub and along walls to help someone walk without falling. Grab bars are helpful for children walking on their own, and also, when you are carrying a toddler after a bath, the devices can help to prevent you from falling on wet surfaces. It is a good idea to have rugs on a bathroom floor to absorb moisture from drips and humidity, but you can also have slip-resistant tile installed in a Livonia MI, home’s bathroom.

Four: Additional Safety Features to Protect Children in Bathrooms

Bathrooms have other dangers for children, and you should consider having a contractor install these devices during a bathroom remodeling.

• Securely fastened towel bars – in case a child tugs on towels
• Toilet seat lid lock – to prevent drowning in toilet bowl water
• Point of use water heaters – to control water temperature
• Slip-resistant bathtub surfaces – stick-on devices

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