Remodeling Your Bathroom to Make it Safer for Children


Family In Bathroom Brushing TeethThe bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the home for both children and adults in Warren MI. Although kids are in and out of the room throughout the day, it can be a dangerous place to spend time in due to certain features that are used. To make the space safer for children, there are a few important changes to make with bathroom remodeling.

Install a Non-Slip Floor

One of the most common injuries that can take place in bathrooms are slips and falls that occur when children run or walk on the wet surface. This often occurs when getting out of the bath or from water that splashed out of the sink onto the floor. Install a non-slip floor to reduce the risk of falls with materials that include ceramic tile that has a matte finish, textured linoleum, or slate.

Install a Tub with a Non-Skid Surface

Bath time may be fun for children, but it can also be a hazard when children are trying to get in and out of the water. The surface of the bath can lead to slips, which can cause children to hit their head or become seriously injured. Install a tub with a non-skid surface to keep the kids safe when they bathe and use non-skid strips on the floors.

Little Child Washing Her HandsAdd an Anti-Scald Valve

Children can easily become burned by scalding water when someone in the home flushes a toilet while the water is running. Anti-scald devices are available to keep the water at a moderate temperature without fluctuating to prevent children from burns. You can also adjust the water temperature in the home below 120 degrees to keep kids safe as they wash their hands or take a shower.

Use Handles with Rounded Edges

Kids can become hurt when trying to wash their hands while using handles that have sharp edges, which can cut the skin. With bathroom remodeling in Warren MI, it’s important to install handles that have rounded edges, which are easy to grab for small children and will reduce the risk of an injury. You can also install door handles that have rounded edges for a safe feature for all ages. D-drawer pulls and handles are also easier for children to use and grip their hands on.

Lower the Countertops

Install countertops that are easy for small children to use without relying on a stepstool or using their tiptoes. You can also maintain the standard countertop height but install a lift-out system that allows kids to reach everything they need with a built-in step stool.

storageInstall Storage Cabinets

Although most people use storage under the sink in bathrooms, it’s important to build cabinets that are off of the ground in a location that is out of reach for children. You can store medications, cleaning supplies, or hair tools in the location to reduce the risk of an accident from occurring due to children having access to the items.