Remodeling Your Bathroom to Make it Safer for Your Children to Navigate

Families with young children will notice their kids may struggle when it comes to using the bathroom. Bathrooms can be remodeled and made safer for children. The process can be both simple and cost effective. A contractor can install barriers so a small child can’t enter the bathroom without the help of an older person. Door knobs can be made to open from both sides so a child can’t accidentally lock themselves inside the bathroom and more.

elegant simple bathroom in white and beige

Child Safety Features
A bathroom can be remodeled to have a variety of child safety features. Tiles can be installed in a bathroom so water can’t become stagnant. This will reduce the chance of slips and falls. There is a danger of young children playing in a bathtub. A child safety cover can be installed to cover a shower and bathtub when not in use. A toilet lid can be installed that will prevent young children from falling in the toilet or flushing items harmful to a home’s plumbing.

Improved Accessible
Young children need to learn how to use the bathroom. It’s important they have easy access to items they need. This can be accomplished by having a number of things installed during bathroom remodeling. This includes a graduated step down into a tub basin, hand-held shower head on a working bar. This will make it easier to remove shampoo from a child’s hair and is a good way to keep a bathtub clean. Faucets can be installed that have anti-scald valves. This can prevent the chance of burns from hot water. An adjustable shower bar will provide safety for children in Livonia MI as they grow.

Child Bathroom
Some parents in Livonia MI are able to remodel a specific bathroom to be used by their young child. One of the things to remember is that everything must be at the right height. The vanity countertop needs to be at a child’s height, so a child doesn’t have to reach for things on their tippy toes. The right height will provide easy access to the faucet. Another option for bathroom remodeling is to have a countertop at the standard size but install lift-out steps in the lowest vanity drawer. This will avoid the need to use a shaky stool.

Bathroom Storage Space
When remodeling a bathroom for children, it’s important to provide a lot of places to store things. The more storage space, the better. Providing oversized, deep tub niches designed to hold bottles and bath toys is good. A contractor is able to provide a decorative bath toy box. Vanity cabinets can be installed to hide any possible clutter. Bins can be provided to contain any overflow. This can keep a child’s bathroom neat and clean as well as safe.

Increase Safety
It may not be possible to build a bathroom that eliminates any possible danger, but during the remodeling process, the level of child safety can be increased dramatically. This type of remodeling will be able to provide a safe bathroom for a family’s young children as well as any possible children in the future.

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