Remodeling Your Bathroom to Repair Water Damage

When water damage happens to your bathroom, it can be devastating to try and pick up the pieces by yourself. Worse, there can be bio-hazards that could mean professional clean up is the only answer. However, the good news is that remodeling your bathroflooded bathroomom to repair water damage is much easier than first expected when you hire a full-service team.

Cleaning Your Bathroom and Preventing Future Bio-Hazards

Unfortunately, when a bathroom needs to be remodeled after water damage, the cleanup can often involve raw sewage. One other potential problem is the effects of standing water on drywall and lumber. When a problem with the plumbing is being fixed, the water that is left behind can cause microorganisms to grow and should not be covered up by new building materials. Instead, in addition to removing all of the unusable debris, the remaining interior walls, floors or ceilings will need to be completely dried and decontaminated. if the problem is not ameliorated, serious health issues such as black mold growth could occur. This is especially true since black mold prefers a matrix to grow in such as remnants of raw sewage.

Giving Yourself the Opportunity for a Full Bathroom Remodel

The downside of having water damage done to your home is losing what you started with. Alternatively, if you have always wanted to expand your bathroom or improve the layout, water damage creates this opportunity. In addition to money you may receive from property insurance payouts, you can add extra funds that will increase the value of your home for the bathroom remodel. Other ways to upgrade a bathroom during a remodel include adding environmentally friendly features such as hot water on-demand, low-flow toilets and rerouting the water heater to solar panels.

Man applying ceramic tile to a bathtub enclosure wall.What to Expect During a Standard Remodel After Water Damage

Once the debris has been removed and the studs or floorboards have been sanitized, the next step is to put your new design in motion. Although we all wish we could complete a full remodel of a bathroom in less than six hours, the reality is that services will be partially interrupted during the remodeling process. In many cases, we can help homeowners by having a chemical toilet temporarily placed in the home. While the remodel may be in flux for several days, we will attempt to give you access to your bathroom as often as possible. For example, we can place temporary boards across the floor while other phases of the remodel are in motion.

What You Should Not Expect

A bathroom remodel can take several weeks if specific parts are being purchased by the homeowner, but the tasks needed to finish the job should be done as soon as possible. This means that we work to accommodate you when we can, and we do not spread our tasks over a long period of time at an inconvenience to the homeowner. Instead, we understand that losing access to a primary bathroom can be a painful experience if you have nowhere else to take a shower, and we want to help you get partial or full services restored as soon as we can.

Call Us Today for Your Next Bathroom Remodel

After an emergency, you will need someone with professional skills to get your bathroom back to working order. In addition, it pays to have professional bathroom re-modelers that will be able to address any questions your homeowner’s insurance company may have. To get the courteous service you have been looking for after the devastation of water damage, give us a call today. We look forward to hearing from you, and thank you in advance for choosing us.